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With the return of King Shark to the Flash, the prospects of a return of the Suicide Squad has finally broken me from my silence. Ever since the death of Deadshot, there hasn't been hope for a return of the squad and with Amanda Waller's recent death all hope has pretty much been lost. But seeing that Diggle and Lyla, two of the last surviving members of Arrow's Suicide Squad, will be helping with the capture of a prominent member in the comics, hope has been restored.

So I've decided to make my list of who I want in the Squad if they ever decide to bring it back!

1. Deathstroke

This is one character that everyone has wanted to see make a return and what better way to have him come back than to make him cooperate with a bunch of other villains? He's definitely a force to be reckoned with and would rock on this team.

2. Bronze Tiger

An original member of the team, I think it would blasphemous to not bring him back. He was an awesome character that we barely got to see but really want to see more of. He also would be the only member of the original team, and I think that having him there would remind all viewers of an older time in Arrow history.

3. Captain Boomerang

Another character that we've hardly seen, but I think this Boomerang, will be better than the movie's version. Also he took down Flash and Arrow. If they don't put him on the Rogues' team, he has a place with the Squad.

4. King Shark

When he first showed up I was shocked at how well they rendered him. He looks incredible!!!! If he's anything like the comics, he's monster and has no care for human life. He's sadistic and would provide a crazy to the team that we haven't seen before. Between eating people and being generally disagreeable King Shark would bring that comic book feeling to the show that we'd all love.

5. Cupid

Another nutcase, it was clear she was Arrow's answer to not being able to use Harley Quinn. It would be interesting to see just what happened to her after the death of her "love" Deadshot and just how off the rail she's gotten. An interesting case that shouldn't go without her due.

6. Andy Diggle

Now I know many of you feel that he redeemed himself but I say bull! He saved his brother. That's not heroic, that's what you do when someone is gonna kill your brother! I want to see some risk! Put your life on the line man! In all seriousness though, I think that his character may feel that he has some repenting to do, or if the team needs a leader, who would John and Lyla trust more besides Oliver? I think he would make an interesting choice to team and really round it out. (He wouldn't be a hero though cause he'd still be as bloodthirsty and uncaring as before, just using it for a good cause, which is what the squad is all about.

That's my dream cast, what's yours? Let me know down below!


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