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So guys tonight we had the follow up to the excellent Welcome to Earth-2. Unfortunately, this episode of The Flash didn't quite keep up the momentum, but it was still one of the better episodes of Season 2. It had a chance to focus it's energy on specific characters, and the story at hand, "Welcome to Earth-2" had a goofy, silly and lighthearted feeling to it. We were still feeling out Earth-2 and getting to know the pawns on the board, so this episode had more focus on the story and the main arc. So let's get into it.

Make Room For Zoom

One thing that this episode had going for it was lots of Zoom. We haven't had a lot of pure arc episodes thus far in season 2. We know next to nothing about Zoom other than he's a speedster who wants Flash's speed. He wears a scary costume, like a superhero fetish con patron. He kidnapped Wells's kid and is a giant dick. He's also the most ridiculous villain on a show with a super gorilla, and bipedal shark. But he works.

So it was pretty nice to get an all Zoom episode. We got to see Zoom's lair which was pretty cool, despite it being a fairly obvious place. It's an isolated cave out in the woods. Pretty villainous in my book but that is neither here nor there.

Another thing that worked in this episode was seeing Barry use his noodle when in a situation where he didn't have his friends to rely on. This was the scene when Barry pissed Zoom off enough to get Zoom to come into his cell and beat the shit out of him. He did this so he could see how Zoom get's into the cell. Clever move, Barry.

Doppel Your Pleasure

The Earth-2 doppelgänger stuff still worked in this episode, albeit with a few less dopplegangers to play around with. I'm still kind of pissed we lost Cisco/Reverb so early on, he could have played a great role in the episode, and a great role going forward. We still got Caitlyn and her evil doppelgänger ,Killer Frost, although this time she wasn't as antagonistic as she was last week.

This time she helped Team Flash get Earth-1 Barry and Jessie back by leading the crew to Zoom's lair. The doppleganger that really worked here was Barry. Seeing Grant Gustin play two different Barrys was a lot of fun. Earth-1 Flash Barry and Earth-2 nerdy, squirrelly Barry. it was here that Flash was able to keep things light hearted.

The gang watch squirrels fight. Wells loves it.
The gang watch squirrels fight. Wells loves it.

Away Team

It was cool getting to see the crew on a rescue mission. They worked miraculously well together, and Harrison Wells turned out not to be as self serving as one would have thought. It was nice to see them do something other than press buttons at Star Labs. This did a great job of showing how far this group will go for one another; including Wells, who could have just taken off the second he got Jessie back. That was what he wanted all along, but once he finally got her back he stuck around to get Barry, and not only that but he returned to Earth-1 with the crew after their great escape.

He's clearly starting to grow as a team member and as a man (not as an actor. Zzzz). He does still have one massive problem. He doesn't listen. When Cisco approached him with Reverb's goggles saying they could rejigger them Wells basically cut him off and said they don't have time. Do you know how much of an asset a powerful Cisco could have been in this fight?!?!?! So listen to the guy, you dick.

Iris ... Iris

We also got Detective Iris West doing her thing in this episode. Is it bad that I like Earth-2 Iris better than Earth-1 Iris? I enjoy the Iris that is commanding and takes charge, and does not hesitate to go with the crew on a dangerous mission. It was also awesome seeing her tell Earth-2 Barry that she kissed Earth-1 Barry and Earth-2 Barry says he'll need to give Earth-1 Barry a piece of his mind. He's trying to hard to seem tough and manly in front of his wife but it just isn't his personality. Even though I respect his enthusiasm he might as well send Earth-1 Barry a lengthy e-mail telling him how upset he is. Earth-2 Barry did, however, come into his own and find his own inner hero toward the end of the episode.

You ain't giving nobody a piece of nothing ya goof
You ain't giving nobody a piece of nothing ya goof


Caitlyn had a big part to play in this episode on Earth-2. She (Earth 2) had been a loyal minion of Zoom for a long time. Zoom's murder of her boyfriend (Deathstorm) must have been pulling her in two separate directions, which made her arc much more interesting. Bland, one dimensional villains never do shows, or movies, any good. Seeing Caitlyn struggle between her love for her deceased boyfriend and her loyalty to Zoom played out really nicely toward the end.


There were a few shockers in this one, such as the man in the iron mask, in an adjacent cell to Barry's, tapping out some code used by POW's on the glass. After awhile Barry and Jessie combine their intellects to figure out that the code spells out Jay. That's all they get before Zoom comes back and stops the conversation.

Now that could mean a few things. Some say that Earth-1 Jay Garrick is Zoom, who has captured the real Jay Garrick and taken his face somehow. That would be the EXACT same plot as season 1, and what happened in the very closing moments of the episode would say otherwise. Looks can be deceiving, as this show has shown on more than one occasion, so let's hope that isn't the case. Other than that theory I can't really figure out what "Jay" means.

Back To Earth-1

So that brings us to the Earth-1 story, I know I know, nobody cares what was happening on Earth-1, and I'm with you. I would be remiss if I didn't talk about it.

Geomancer returned to cause Earthquakey mayhem in Central City to test our new fill in Flash. Luckily Caitlyn's new Velocity 9 seemed to work well for Jay, It returned his speed for a longer period of time, and it also began to rebuild his degenerating cells, so Jay Flash was able to save the day.

Naturally Geomancer was able to just waltz into S.T.A.R. Labs later on in the episode. Seriously, how does this keep happening? Like not only do they just walk in but they also make it all the way down to Team Flash's lair, and nobody knows until said baddie is standing right in the room with them. Long story short, Geomancer is stopped and Joe puts him in some weird power dampening sex collar, Geomancer is going to be popular in Iron Heights.

Every villain as they stroll into S.T.A.R. Labs
Every villain as they stroll into S.T.A.R. Labs

Wrapping It Up

So that brings us to our finale. Team Flash finally gets into Zoom's lair with help from Killer Frost. This is where things start to get interesting. Earth-1 Barry can't phase through his cell wall because Earth-2 vibrates at a different frequency than Earth-1. So in order to phase through he needs to vibrate a lot faster than he ever has before. Earth-1 Barry heroically tells his friends to take Jessie and leave him behind, but no. Earth-2 Barry came prepared with an inspirational speech, and finally, Earth-1 Barry was able to phase through the wall of his cell and back into the loving arms of his friends.

But Wait!

Then Zoom finally returns, just in time to confront Team Flash. Zoom thanks Caitlyn for bringing the rest of the crew to him as well. It was all a double cross. BUT, just as Zoom prepares to kill Jessie, Caitlyn hits Zoom with her frost hands (surprise bitch), or whatever the fuck they're called. Now this is what I had problems with.

Zoom was obviously caught off guard by Caitlyn's attack. He was even down on one knee. Doesn't every strategic plan suggest one should attack when the opponent is at it's weakest, and most vulnerable? Well here you go. A weakened and vulnerable Zoom, a decent time to get a few hits in, and maybe do some damage, but Team Flash just took off. They left Caitlyn and the guy in the cell and the iron mask behind, despite Barry vowing to come back for him.

Our next scene saw Team Flash coming back through the portal to Earth-1. Wells is snatched up by Zoom who had clearly escaped Caitlyn's attack. Luckily Wells came with some sort of syringe, and he proceeds to stab Zoom. Then he's swept away back to Earth-1 by Barry.

The syringe however is not important. It was Wells's willingness to die to let Team Flash get home safely. For a moment I actually thought this might be the last act of Harrison Wells. We've been told that Jessie is just as intelligent as Harrison, so I thought they might position her as his replacement on Team Flash. But alas Harry lives to fight another day.

Unfortunately it was Jay Garrick who suffered the wrath of Zoom in the end as Zoom's hand comes through the portal and phases right through Jay, and pulls him through, much to Earth-1 Caitlyn's shock and terror. This also hurts the Jay Garrick is Zoom theory, so we'll see how this whole thing plays out. We're basically guaranteed another trip to Earth-2 when Barry returns to get his buddy out of his cell, so hopefully we'll get a few more hints and explanations when that finally happens.

So guys do you have any theories on who the man in the cell is and why he spelled out Jay? does this have anything to do with Zoom's identity? Is there anything I missed that you didn't ,or something you really liked that I didn't mention? Let us know down below. We'll see you guys next week.


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