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**Right off the bat, if you haven't seen up to Season 2 Episode 14, be warned there are major spoilers ahead!**

Since Zoom was first mentioned in The Flash season 2, episode 1, we have been asking the simple question: Who is Zoom? Now there are many great theories out there, but let's refocus a little bit and ask a different question: What is Zoom really up to?

To answer this question, we need to look at the facts...

The Facts

Fact 1: Zoom captured the man in the iron mask before Jesse.

Fact 2: Jesse was captured to persuade Wells into helping Zoom. This eventually turned into Wells stealing Barry's speed.

Fact 3: Jay Garrick arrived on Earth-1 the day of the black hole. He spent six months on Earth-1 before revealing himself to Team Flash.

Fact 4: Wells arrives on Earth-1.

All right... now let's look at all the juicy details that happened in 'Escape from Earth-2.'

Fact 5: Killer Frost helped to recover Barry and Jesse. For reasons unknown, she double crosses Team Flash but at the last minute she helps them subdue Zoom long enough to get away. This in turn left Killer Frost to be taken captive by Zoom.

Fact 6: The man in the iron mask managed to communicate with Barry and Jesse. All he got out was "Jay." At which point, Barry said "Jay Garrick" and the Man nodded. When Barry said, "He's alive, but he's on my Earth," the man in the iron mask bangs the glass in what looks like frustration.

Fact 7: Caitlin Snow perfected Velocity-9, so it has 0 side effects in a speedster. This is really important as Jay's cells started to regenerate.

Fact 8: When the last breached in Star Labs closes, Zoom managed to pull Jay Garrick through the breach back to Earth-2 just as it closed.

All right, now that we have the facts...

The Theory

This theory may seem a little drawn out, but take a read and comment below!

Zoom captures the man in the mask (Fact 1) and later captures Jesse (Fact 2). Fast forward to S02E01, suddenly Jay Garrick arrives (Fact 3) to Team Flash’s dwelling. Wells goes to Earth-1 (Fact 4) in an effort to get Team Flash’s help in stopping Zoom and getting his daughter back. Later, Wells is used by Zoom to figure out how to steal Barry’s speed (Fact 5) and does so successfully. He gives Zoom 2% of Barry’s power.

Later, Iris is wounded as a result of Barry’s sudden decrease in speed and Wells confesses that he stole Barry’s speed. Then, Joe locks Wells in the pipeline until they can figure out what to do with him. During contemplation, Barry made a good point in that Cisco did the same thing for Captain Cold and they didn’t lock him up. Barry makes the decision that it’s time to go to Earth-2!

At the end of S02E13, Barry was captured and taken back to Zoom’s lair. There, he meets the man in the iron mask. After a while, Barry notices that the taping is ongoing and consistent. He convinces Jesse to help him figure it out. They do, he is saying “Jay” (Fact 7). I am of the firm belief he is saying his name. Yes, HIS name. I believe that simply because of how frustrated he gets when Barry says that Jay is alive, on Earth-1. This would mean the Jay Garrick we have grown so fond of, may not be Jay Garrick. At least, not completely….

So, here is where my theory requires some deeper thought...

Jay lost his powers. We eventually find out that it's because of Velocity, but what if it wasn't? My theory is that Jay is a clone made by Zoom, but without his powers. Zoom sent the clone to Earth-2 when he saw that there were breaches he could use to get there and that Earth-1 had its own speedster. Jay arrives, thinking he is Jay and finds Team Flash. Everything from then on happens as expected — all the way up to the point where Caitlin creates Velocity-9, which in turn is helping Jay's cells to regenerate and give him his speed back (Fact-7).

Back on Earth-2, Cisco and Wells work as hard as they can to locate Barry and Jesse. They eventually do with the help of Killer Frost (Fact-5). She in turn holds Zoom back while the others get away.

Then, Zoom chases them back and manages to pull Jay through the breach (Fact 8). So let's tally this up..

Zoom has Jay, possibly another Jay and Killer Frost (a.k.a. Caitlin Snow). With that said, he has everything he needs to heal Jay completely with the forced assistance of Caitlin Snow. This will give him a speedster that no one knows he has, as Jay has been gone from Earth-2 for almost a year!

In Conclusion...

I believe that Zoom has orchestrated everything to get more power. He tried to steal Barry's powers and even tried to use Harrison to do it. Zoom is power hungry, perhaps because of an earlier version of Velocity.

Some final questions...

Is Jay really Jay? If so, who is the man in the iron mask?

With Wells and Jesse now on Earth-1, will they willingly help Team Flash find a way to re-open a breach between Earth-1 and Earth-2?
Does Zoom have all he needs to become faster?
What will Barry do now that he want's to save the man in the iron mask and Jay Garrick?

What is next for Team Flash? Tune in, Tuesdays at 8 PM!

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Do you think Barry will go after Zoom?

What do you think Zoom is up to? Comment Below!


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