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All around amazing human being, Ryan Reynolds, has been making the rounds for the cinematic triumph that is Deadpool. Press and promotion has, understandably, kept him busy. However, he did have enough time to drop in on Hugh Jackman during a press junket for Eddie the Eagle to ask some hard hitting questions.

What kind of hard hitting questions, you ask? Questions like this:

Did you guys get any notes from the studios to sew Eddie's mouth shut, make lasers shoot out of his eyes?

Even after all the success of Deadpool, it seems that Ryan is still sore about that entire thing which is understandable. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who loves Deadpool as much as Ryan Reynolds does and he does rail on that studio choice in other interviews as well.

The entire thing was all in good fun and Hugh was an awesome sport about it which is great. Here's to hoping that the two of them get to reprise their respective roles of Deadpool and Wolverine in the same movie at some point. That'd be pretty awesome, let's be honest.

Eddie the Eagle jumps into theaters on February 26, 2016


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