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Let me start by saying that last night's episode ('Escape from Earth-2') was by far my most favorite episode of The Flash so far, as Season 2 hits new heights. If you haven't watched the episode, go watch it now and come back to this article.

Now, if you're still here, I'm here to talk about one point:

The Man In The Iron Mask Is Jay Garrick

Some of you might be confused. After all, I previously wrote an article about how Zoom is Jay Garrick. However, in light of recent evidence, I've come to the conclusion that Zoom cannot be Jay Garrick, but is the man in the iron mask, and the reasons are listed below:

1. J... A...Y

In the beginning of the episode, we were introduced to the fact that the man in the iron mask is continuously tapping, except in the presence of Zoom. It was later revealed that he was using an old code (which actually exists by the way, with the c and k exception and all) to communicate with Barry and Jesse. He said three letters which spelled out 'Jay.' At first it appeared the man was trying to ask what happened to Jay, but judging by his reaction when Barry told him that Jay was on his Earth, and that he was fine, the man acted like it was bad news. Almost like that man is not actually Jay, but posing as him. The man acted like his identity had been stolen by him, and the fact that his face was hidden was to stop Barry or Jesse from recognizing him.

2. The Mask Itself

In all honesty, if Zoom knew about Jay Garrick's existence, wouldn't he have killed him by now? Zoom made it clear that once he stole Barry's speed, he would kill him. Why wouldn't he do it to his long time rival, Jay Garrick. It could be argued that the man in the iron mask is also being kept alive, but it is also possible that the mask is an inhibitor for metahumans, similar to the one being used on Geomancer. That would explain why Jay hasn't escaped from his cell yet. Maybe after Zoom steals Barry's speed, he would steal Jay's too. Or maybe it's more of a power play, where Zoom wants to keep Jay alive to see everything crumble. Maybe Zoom is afraid of Jay, similar to the way Ultraman was afraid of Alexander Luthor in the Forever Evil comics, but he was afraid of an even bigger threat, so he kept him alive (maybe building up to a Crisis on Infinite Earth's event).

3. The Way He Acts

Let's be honest, Jay is a bit of a coward. Not only has Harrison Wells of Earth-2 said this repeatedly, but Jay has always had to be rescued from the Geomancer, and his only few good acts were to save a few cops from Geomancer, and a couple of people from a collapsing building. That could be just to keep the illusion that he is Jay. Then there is the fact that lately Jay has been very power-hungry, thirsting for the cure to his condition, and for more speed. Apparently he lost his speed in the first place as a result of his hunger for power. The man in the iron mask, on the other hand, seems to be very heroic, and doesn't give up no matter what. He kept tapping in order to communicate, even when Jesse was yelling that there was no pattern. When Barry said he would be back for him, the man stood tall and powerful and nodded, showing that he wasn't afraid, that he was ready to sacrifice himself.

4. That End Scene

The last scene seemed to show Zoom killing Jay, dragging him through the portal as he left. However, you could notice that Jay yelled while being dragged, so he wasn't dead then. And be honest, Jay was standing unnecessarily close to the portal, dragging out his leave from the portal. Standard evil crony behavior. Definitely working for Zoom, and definitely not Jay Garrick.

5. Metahumans For Hire

Recently we've been introduced to the idea that some metahumans have been working for Zoom on Earth-2. Is it possible that 'Jay' is actually a shapeshifter in the employment of Zoom? That would explain why his cells don't respond well to the speed-serums, and why he seems so excited by the prospect of Velocity-9 healing him and allowing him to be a speedster.

As with all theories, there are some flaws.

Who do you think the man in the iron mask is? Leave your comments down below!


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