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The Flash season 2, episode 14, “Escape from Earth-2,” saw a ragtag group stage a rescue operation.

In “Escape from Earth-2,” several characters, some more unexpected than others, had opportunities to do heroic things. It made for a fulfilling episode and a worthy follow-up to the first part of this two-parter.

Earth 2 Barry
Earth 2 Barry

While we’re used to seeing Earth-1 Barry be a hero, Earth-2 Barry is pretty much the opposite. His life wasn’t shaped by tragedy the way our Barry’s was — both his parents are still alive and out of prison. Eobard Thawne’s influence shaped Earth-1 Barry into the hero he’s become since being struck by lightning. Earth-2 Barry, on the other hand, hasn’t been molded in that way.

Yet his determination in this episode to stay by Iris’ side — and prove himself not only to her but himself after being MIA during the previous episode — proves that Barry, no matter the Earth, has mettle. He’s the only member of the group that goes after Killer Frost and eventually Zoom that has no training or experience when it comes to facing meta-humans. He’s a scientist.

But he pushes himself to do things he didn’t believe himself capable of by climbing Killer Frost’s icy staircase into Zoom’s lair and giving Earth-1 Barry the pep talk that helps him phase out of his cell. Both Barrys push themselves in this episode, and both prove themselves heroes. It’s a strong reminder that it doesn’t take superpowers to make a hero.

Killer Frost
Killer Frost

On the other end of the spectrum, the team tracks down Killer Frost in the hope that Zoom killing Deathstorm will encourage her to betray Zoom and lead the team to his lair. She’s initially uninterested, but Cisco appears to convince her that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. She leads them to Zoom’s hideout and even frees Jesse of her shackles, but her heroics are short-lived when Zoom reveals she was working on his orders to bring them in.

But her chance at redemption isn’t gone after all. Cisco’s words about her fierce love for Deathstorm get under her skin, and she turns her ice on Zoom, which allows the team to escape once everyone is free. We don’t see her fate, but there’s no doubt Zoom will be furious. And he’s killed for less. Killer Frost betraying Zoom because he killed Deathstorm, the love of her life, might be the last thing she does — but if it is, she went out on the right side (though her motives weren’t exactly heroic).

Joe West
Joe West

Earth-1 Joe has his own moment of heroics when he volunteers to help Jay stabilize the breach. Jay must create a vortex within the Speed Cannon while someone else flips the switches on the Cannon to reboot them. Joe volunteers since it means the difference between Barry coming back or not, and he succeeds just in time.

As usual, Joe proves himself a parent who will accept any risk to himself for the sake of his kids — blood-related or adopted. He is truly one of the non-super-powered heroes at the heart of the series.

Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick

On Earth-1, Jay is the only one around to continue the fight against Geomancer. Caitlin manages to rework Velocity 7 into Velocity 8 when she realizes Velocity 7 is expediting the damage to Jay’s cells and then again into Velocity 9, which appears to repair Jay’s cells. It’s still a temporary measure, but Jay uses it to rescue the inhabitants of a hospital when Geomancer attacks. He doesn’t care that the serum hasn’t been tested when he injects himself with it — in fact, it could accelerate his illness even more, but that doesn’t matter to a hero. In acting as The Flash while Barry is on Earth-2, Jay proves himself the hero Earth-2 sees him as.

However, he’s napping from the effort it took to rescue all those people when Geomancer appears in S.T.A.R. Labs and attacks Caitlin and Iris. Caitlin, though, gets to show her own heroic stripes when she uses a weapon to knock Geomancer out. Joe arrests him and takes him to the meta-human wing of Iron Heights.

Unfortunately, Jay appears to be killed at the end of this episode as Zoom’s hand reaches through the closing breach and goes through his chest and pulls him back onto Earth-2 as the breach closes, apparently for good.

The fact that the mysterious man in the iron mask at Zoom’s hideout was trying to communicate with Barry and Jesse about Jay Garrick is also highly suspicious — and brings his absence during the Geomancer attack into question — and perhaps hints that the situation wasn’t what it appeared to be on the surface.


  • How will Barry react to the trip to Earth-2? This was a life-changing experience in more than one way, from meeting his own and other loved ones’ doppelgangers to watching Joe die and being captured by Zoom.
  • How will Cisco deal with meeting his evil doppelganger and learning there’s a lot more potential to his abilities than he’d imagined?
  • Who is the man in the iron mask, and why was he trying to communicate about Jay?
  • Are the breaches closed for good?

Is Jay dead? Or is he in league with Zoom?

What did you guys think about the episode?


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