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I've been watching American Ninja Warrior for about four years now and all I can say is it's a show that never ceases to entertain. Whether someone completes the course or falls, it's constantly an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that consists of competitors testing their meddle against some of the most difficult obstacle courses in existence.

American Ninja Warrior has always been an individual sport with the main competition being the course rather than fellow competitors. Now there is a new show that actually forces the ninjas to battle one another in a race which is even more fascinating than the original series. Read on to find out why I feel Team Ninja Warrior surpasses its parent, the original American Ninja Warrior!

Reason 3: Team Ninja Warrior manages to make the challenge of the obstacle courses that much more difficult by pitting teams of three against one another in a race to see who can finish the obstacle course first. So far there have been some epic challengers such as Flip Rodriguez, Casey Catanzaro, Kevin Bull and others from American Ninja Warrior to really up the ante on the competition front. The reason this show scores big is the excitement factor is amplified by ten when a victor defeats their opponent within seconds of the other person also touching the buzzer.

Reason 2: The teams! Each team consists of two men and one woman which absolutely satisfies the Naruto fan in me. Not only that, but it's great to watch the teams battle one another and to learn the reasons why each team captain put together the team they did. What's more, commentators Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila give great comparisons as to why one team is stronger than the other and the pros and cons each competitor will face when going up against each opponent.

Reason 1: The team format really gives women a chance to shine too. I'm not really a "girl power" type of girl; I have loved Ninja Warrior since I began watching it despite mostly seeing men complete the course, but it's really great to see women included more in this series and seeing them help their teams get to the top by beating the opposing side. The course is probably less challenging than the standard American Ninja Warrior courses, which are always difficult with a lot of upper-body challenges (often following one another in sequence), that most women have more difficulty with. In Team Ninja Warrior, the obstacles are more balanced with a better variety of challenges that allow all the competitors (barring mistakes) to complete the course without over-using one part of the body. The rules are relaxed so that incidental contact with the water is no longer a penalty (falling, however, is), and finishing the course is no longer the only way to win a point; the sole object of Team Ninja Warrior is beating your opponent in the race, so even if both women fail to complete part of the challenge, the one who gets there the fastest still wins points for her team.

So far, Team Ninja Warrior is joining USA vs. The World as yet another great addition to the American Ninja Warrior franchise. I can't wait to see what the producers of this series think up next! Until then, check out video of the relay round from the latest episode, and catch the show when it airs again on Esquire, Tuesday 8/7 central!

Do you also agree that Team Ninja Warrior is better than American Ninja Warrior? Comment below to share your thoughts!


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