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So yeah all hell broke loose when Devin Faraci of "Birth. Movies. Death" and Drew Mcweeny of HitFix reported that Warner Brothers Pictures (Studio behind Batman v Superman) are worried and afraid over Batman vs Superman.

They claimed that people who attended the test screenings did not react the way WB wanted them to and that started making them nervous about this movie' critical reception and commercial success, needless to say this news ended up upsetting a lot of fans but hold your horses because WB is not afraid, I repeat they are not afraid so let me provide some real and tangible information/data to prove my point!

The Box Office Scenario

This movie opens up on March 25th globally but more importantly they will open up in China, UK and Japan on the same day, well what does this mean? It means they are going to make BANK on the opening weekend not just domestically but internationally because China, UK and Japan are the biggest international markets for Hollywood movies.

More importantly the piracy issue will be non existent and online buzz and word of mouth publicity will be massive and global in nature as the floodgates will be opened on the same day across major and heavy hitting markets world wide.

Fans from China and Japan are extremely elated about this news, because many blockbuster movies gets a delayed release in China and Japan but that's not the case with Batman v Superman because they get to watch this movie with rest of the world on the very same day and that translates to BIG MONEY!

We know movies earn 70-80% of their earnings within their first three weeks from release date and interestingly Batman v Superman literally has ZERO competition in those three weeks not just in domestic market but in many international markets as well so basically they will have a free reign in those three weeks and after those three weeks they will face competition in the form of Jungle Book and some local releases in international markets but then again they do have another 3 weeks till Captain America Civil War drops on May 6th and that gives WB some extra time at the Box Office to play around with campaigns to increase their box office numbers even further.

But here's the most interesting part, WB will be holding preview screenings for thousands of people across USA a week before the global release date, that is on March 18th this movie will open up to select thousands (the ones who attended Batman v Superman IMAX trailer event) across USA and this will result in massive opening weekend gross in USA, one may ask how.....well here's the answer,

These thousands of people are fans of DC and Batman v Superman (otherwise they wouldn't travel that long for a mere 5 minutes event at the nearest IMAX theater) so if the movie turns out to be great, these fans will lose their minds and they'll spread positive word of mouth publicity and buzz for an entire week before this movie drops in the theaters and they'll most probably drag their friends and family to watch the movie again when it officially opens, in short this strategy will increase the opening weekend box office in USA massively.

FUN FACT: 20th Century Fox implemented a preview strategy for Deadpool and that's one of the major reason for it's 135 million opening weekend gross.

In short if they create and execute solid marketing campaigns starting from March, WB has nothing to be afraid of because at the end of the day it's the "first time ever" kinda thing when we are discussing this movie, not only it's the first time pairing of Superman and Batman on the big screen but it's also the debut of Wonder Woman on the big screen and trust me the collective female demographics are going crazy over this concept!

With all said and done I firmly believe this movie will have a life time international gross of 1.3 - 1.5 billion dollars.

The Home Release Scenario

Blu Ray, DVD and Digital HD releases are a big part of movie business these days simply because studios can make truckloads of money out of them and factually speaking Man of Steel made 106 million dollars from home release (a figure which is way higher than Avengers Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3) in domestic market alone and Batman v Superman can easily top that figure!

Historically home releases which are termed as director's cut/ extended cut earns a TON of money than the regular version of home releases because there's a lot of additional stuff to watch and enjoy and the producer of Batman v Superman Charles Roven, hinted that we will get a home release that will have a ton of additional stuff, something which Man of Steel's home release lacked.

So it's safe to assume they'll make 200+ million with home release from domestic market alone and probably they'll earn another 200 million from international markets collectively, resulting in a figure which is approximately close to or north of 400 million!

The Marketing Partnership Scenario

Tent pole blockbuster movies will always have big marketing partners and most of them tie up with movie studios for product placements within the movies and for selling merchandises based on the movie.

One of the many product placements in Man of Steel
One of the many product placements in Man of Steel

WB is no stranger to this concept because when they were making Man of Steel they earned 160 million dollars from marketing partners even before selling a single ticket so basically it's like they produced Man of Steel with 65 million dollars budget (not actually but they covered up their expenses in such a way)

When you look at it WB has already bagged very many partners for Batman v Superman as a matter of fact I've never seen this kinda massive licensed merchandise partnership for any other block buster movie so it's safe to assume that WB would have covered 70-80% of their production budget with marketing partnerships already and the movie isn't out yet!

The Critical Reception Scenario

This is where things are getting truly interesting because follow up reports from Batman On Film and Latino Review says WB are not afraid but they are nervous because the movie touches upon a lot of intellectual, mythological and philosophical topics in it's narrative and it's not the regular dumbed down pop corn and bubble gum blockbuster flick that people are used to.

Yes it's the hard truth but the majority go to cinemas to just enjoy some cool action, breath taking CGI and an elementary level SciFi along with their popcorn, people are so used to it and thus a thought provoking and genius movie ends up getting misunderstood for it's supposed "Bland and Empty" nature, Mad Max Fury Road is the single biggest evidence for this along with other movies like Blade Runner, Fight Club etc.

But worry not because thought provoking and intellectual films like The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception and Lord of the Rings trilogy made a bank at the box office and on the brighter side, if Batman v Superman Dawn of justice ends up being a big success, the upcoming list of DC movies will follow suit and all if not most of them will up becoming intellectual films which in return will make the comic book movie genre more diverse, fresh and far from genre saturation and fatigue!

If you are still not convinced about this movie' critical reception just consider the fact that Zack Snyder the guy who made the greatest comic book movie ever (Watchmen) is directing this movie and the guy who won Best Adapted Screenplay at Oscars, Chris Terrio is writing the screenplay for this movie and having an Oscar caliber filmmaker like Ben Affleck would have surely helped Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio, because at the end of the day movies are collaborative work.

Wrapping Up

I've provided all the metrics and figures you need and if you are curious enough do the math for yourself and when you do it you'll know this movie won't fail financially because it will end up being the most profitable, if not one of the most profitable movie this year, similarly I am also confident that this movie will be received with high praise among critics, so worry not and do not buy those reports and remember that we are just 36 days away from this great movie!


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