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Of all the characters, in all of the comic books being made into movies out there, Deadpool has possibly been the most eagerly awaited and most demanded by the fan base as evidenced by the fact that the movie broke $134 million opening weekend. I know I have wanted to see Wade Wilson breaking the fourth wall on the big screen ever since I first discovered the Merc with the Mouth. then around seven years ago in May of 2009 we got something special, and yes I know what they did to the character at the end of X-men Origins: Wolverine was unforgiveable in so many awful ways but think back to the beginning, where we got to meet Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson. He was perfect and it gave me some hope that even though they got the rest of it wrong, at least we had found the man who would eventually be the perfect Deadpool. Then some SFX footage got leaked and I knew that if I were patient and kept looking that perfect Deadpool movie would happen and I was not disappointed.

The movie is decidedly not for children and definitely earns the R-rating, but is also strangely for everyone. I have seen it twice now, once on opening night with friends and again at a matinee showing by myself. Both the people I went with seemed to really like it as did the theater full of people at 8:20 pm opening night. I had to see it again the next chance I had to write this review as I was too enthralled the first time to take any notes. I don’t remember the last time I heard a room full of people laugh that hard and that consistently at a movie in the theater and it was its own sort of magic that enhanced the experience greatly. I have up till now avoided any spoilers and I don’t plan on spoiling too much (and the movie itself has so much going on that I would have to spend more time than I am comfortable with unfolding it for you the reader of this, the review.)

I was hooked on this movie from the get go. Not the first time I have ever seen a freeze frame on an action sequence used as the framework for an opening credits sequence but this is the first time I can remember seeing a movie so thoroughly take the piss out of itself within the first several seconds of screen time. With gems such as “God’s Perfect Idiot” and “A Hot Chick” standing in for the names of the lovely Ryan Reynolds and the talented Morena Baccarin (the leading roles) and “An Overpaid Tool” substituting the directors credit I could not help but be enamored with the whole film from the beginning. The movie is possessed of a level of self-awareness that is only reinforced as the movie actually begins and we are taken on a jaunt back and forth in time as we simultaneously move through the best telling of an origin story I have ever seen, scenes of outrageous action punctuated by intense violence and one of the most endearing love stories I know of in film. Some may think the latter statement a bit strong but I am almost always bored by the romance and relationship parts of movies whereas the often darkly messed up chemistry and quick witted banter between Wade Wilson and Morena Baccarin’s character, Vanessa, kept my attention and made me care about their relationship moving forward.

The movie is also full to the brim with great cast of supporting characters. From the incomparable T.J. Miller’s portrayal of longtime friend of Wade’s named Weasel to Colossus and Nega Sonic Teenage Warheads perfect straight man work opposite Deadpools insanity. Even Ed Skrein and Gina Carano as the villains are perfect for their roles and the functions they play as the story flows onward. The exchanges between Reynolds and Miller are fantastic and have that crisp real feel of having a healthy dose of improv that I personally find delightful while the moral stance of Colossus being juxtaposed with the Chaotic nature Deadpool possesses creates an almost classic comedic foil situation that doesn’t feel like a stale representation of an old style of screen comedy. All in all I would highly recommend seeing this in theaters and then immediately buying it on DVD, Blu-ray and whatever other platform you watch movies on so that the studios have no choice but to keep making movies like this.


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