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Alrighty then! Now that we've all had time to take a breath after watching the latest Walking Dead episode 'No Way Out' a million times, and confirm that yes, there is a mystery car in the Blowing Up The Saviors scene, the newest zombie-themed bible verse, the making of Carl's lost eye, and of course, the obligatory “5 Things You May Have Missed” story from the always wonderful Allanah Faherty, is it too soon to have a little fun with all the tragedy in the episode?

Poor, poor Rick. Andrew Lincoln nailed the whole “I was just beginning to like you, and not in a Lori way, in a 'I actually do like you' kind of way” when Jessie got bit and bit it.

So, in honor of Jessie's hand, let's look back at some of the best disembodied hands ever to grace our TV sets!


The Addams Family

Classic hand!

He/it was very useful in getting the mail, getting and lighting Gomez's cigars, changing the channel on the Addams' TV, making wine from grapes, and changing records on the phonograph, so Gomez and Morticia could tango!

Possessed Hand

Idle Hands
let's hope he's a lefty...for many reasons
let's hope he's a lefty...for many reasons

What happens when you're a lazy little stoner? The saying “idle hands do the devil's work” comes true, and your hand murders everyone!

Pirate Hand

Pirates of the Caribbean

In the Battle of the Isla de Muerta, some poor pirate loses his hand, thanks to Governor Swann's cunning candlestick moves. It was just a severed skeleton arm, but it soon turned back into a fleshy severed arm, causing Governor Swann to swoon!

Jeff Fahey's Serial Killer Arm Transplant

Body Parts

So this is more of the whole arm, but shoot, when you have a prison psychiatrist who loses his arm in a car wreck, but gains the arm of a convicted and cut-up-for-his-body-parts serial killer, you have cinema gold!

Zombie Hand Flips the Bird

Return of the Living Dead 2

A severed zombie hand flips people off. Nuff said!

Between Star Wars, Evil Dead, and plenty of old movies, there are quite a few other hands out there that you can enjoy, if you're tired of seeing Jessie lose hers over and over. Google away!


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