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The final word spoken in this week's episode of American Crime Story might be the most outrageous moment of the series so far.

We'll get to that in a moment...

A thirst for fame

Having spent most of last week's episode in the back seat of the Bronco, OJ takes a more metaphorical back seat in episode 3, which deftly switches its focus to the defense and the prosecution.

The overarching theme of this third chapter is fame. On the one hand, there's fame sought. For both legal teams, the OJ case represents a shot at recognition and glory. For Marcia Clark, the process of preparing for trial is a 24/7 nicotine rush (and not just because she's an actual human chimney). When Christopher Darden calls his colleague a "trial junkie," she practically licks her lips and purrs "better than sex."

Even before the episode is out, though, Clark and her fellow prosecutors are beginning to realise that their confidence is misplaced. Sure, the evidence against OJ is solid, damning even, but their rational view of his guilt doesn't take into account the emotion of a black population who feel both a connection to their sporting hero and a deep mistrust of the LAPD.

Speaking of which, Bob Shapiro is elated to discover that the police officer who found OJ's incriminating glove at the crime scene has a record of racial prejudice. "This is a gift!" he cries, and for the defence it really does seem as though Christmas may have come early.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: John Travolta is absolutely killing it in The People vs OJ Simpson.

The episode's best scene comes at the home of defence attorney Johnnie Cochran, whose wife poses the question of how he'd feel if somebody else got OJ off. She already knows the answer, but Cochran seems to take himself by surprise. "I wouldn't feel good," he concedes, and that's all it takes to convince him to hop on board.

Johnnie Cochran hops on board the OJ Express
Johnnie Cochran hops on board the OJ Express

Of course, this show can't explore fame without taking a look at the other side of the coin: unwanted recognition. Whilst dining out with his kids, Robert Kardashian discovers that his TV appearances have made him a bonafide celeb, and he's not at all comfortable with it.

When his kids trill at the perks of being famous, Robert reminds them: "We are Kardashians, and in this family being a good person and a loyal friend is more important than being famous." The irony is delicious.


In a post-Quentin Tarantino world it may not seem like a big deal, but the final scene of the episode sees a stunned Marcia open the newspaper and drop an MF-bomb.

Considering "motherf*cker" is one of the "seven filthy words" basic cable TV is so not allowed to use, the fact that The People vs OJ went there is quite shocking and Twitter, naturally, was not about to let it slide...

A show reporting history, making history in the process. American Crime Story continues to be the most entertaining thing on TV. You can catch episode 4 on FX Tuesday, February 23rd.


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