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While reading all of the previous theories, I gotta say I was impressed. Pretty solid opinions. After reading all that and after watching this last episode today, I have to say that I got a feeling that the Jay Garrick we saw today making a vortex is almost definitely somehow connected with Zoom. Why? Well... If you read the previous stories about this (about Jay being Zoom or his Earth-1 doppleganger Hunter Zolomon being the Zoom) you will probably think the same. There are couple of reasons for this! 1. Jay Garrick hated Harrison Wells from Earth-2 from the beginning (Just like Zoom does)! 2. Jay Garrick wants Barry (The Flash) to become much faster (maybe because his cells are degenerating and he's dying, so he needs The Flash's speed cells to survive, which MIGHT be the same reason why Zoom wants The Flash's speed)! 3. We've never seen Jay and Zoom together in a scene (except in this last one in the end, where Zoom's arm comes through the passage and kinda "kills" Jay or whatever happened there...) why am I saying "whatever happened there" ?!? Well, maybe because in the same time that the guys "almost" closed the portal, Jay Garrick "dies" and Zoom might arrive on Earth-1 !?!?!? Interesting ..... !!! 4. Yes, I know that Caitlin is testing Jay's blood and there is NO SIGN of any speed in there (so she AS WELL is trying to help "Jay" to gain his speed back and save him), but maybe Zoom has complete power over his speed and he can shut it down whenever he wants to, so that it would only seem like he has no speed and the only thing seen are his damaged cells who are not regenerating?!?!?! 5. Remember that in this last episode we saw Zoom a couple of times in that cave where Barry and Wells's daughter were imprisoned? Yeah well, in that particular time we saw Zoom there with them. NEXT, he was gone and the next scene was when "Geomancer" started doing damage on Earth-1 and then Jay (with the help of Velocity-9, "gain speed for short time") saved those people and was "really exhausted". THEN, next scene was where Jay is going to "rest" and Zoom comes back in the cell and beats Barry... MEANWHILE on Earth-1 there is no Jay (because he is "resting") and Geomancer starts destroying Star-Labs and shakes half of the city, almost killing Caitlin and Iris and what ?!?!?! JAY IS SLEEPING ?!?! Really? NO, he wasn't sleeping, he's just not there, because he's on Earth-2 beating Barry ! Then he comes back saying "SORRY" to Caitlin for not coming faster/sooner ?!?!?! Weird right ??? 6. That guy with the Iron-Mask was ticking on that glass for quite some time trying to tell Barry something. When they finally understood what he was saying, the code said: "JAY" ! ;)

So, what you guys think ? Makes any sense? :)


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