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Eli Roth's 2002 film Cabin Fever was a great film with an interesting plot. The film had some sick deaths and an unforgettable bathtub scene. I was a bit skeptical when I heard that the 2016 remake was going to stick to the original script. There were some changes from Roth's original film but not enough to give it a fresh feel.

I did prefer some of the remake's cast to that of the original, but some did come off as very dull. The remake did deliver more blood and more gore. The effects were very well done and the deaths were kicked up a notch. The plot remained the same, a group of teens travel to a secluded cabin and accidentally become infected with a flesh eating virus. They fight paranoia, a vicious dog, and terrifying locals.

Overall, this was an okay remake. The gore effects were well done, but not too extreme. Some of the characters were done a lot creepier than in the original. I was glad that Eli did come on as an Executive Producer. I wish they would have changed up the script more and given us something new. Luckily this wasn't as bad as the Psycho remake and filmed shot for shot. Next up I'll be reviewing Intruders, see you soon.


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