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Deadpool was long awaited but we finally have our main man AKA the merc with the mouth on the big screen. I am going to do my review on the film and talk about the positive and the negative aspects and the easter eggs that people spotted and hints towards the sequel. Beware of spoilers for those who couldn't get premiere tickets.

First off, is the involvement of Colossus. Colossus is known for his membership in the X Men and X Force. In the film, he is considering Deadpool to be an impressive addition to the team and wants him to improve on the way he is, due to the fact that he kills people and has a sense of humor. He later joins Deadpool to rescue his girlfriend Vanessa from Ajax and Angel Dust. Following this, he and his apprentice Negasonic Teenage Warhead return to the X Mansion. One thing about Colossus is that I am disappointed that Daniel Cudmore declined to return as I think he is the best Colossus.

On to Negasonic Teenage Warhead, long name but great character. This character is another good highlight in the film. To be honest, i never heard of her before but I am impressed with her. Her powers are amazing, kind of like Scarlet Witch without the telekinesis. I really hope this character returns for Deadpool 2.

Although Hydra belongs to the marvel cinematic universe, there was an appearance from Bob, agent of Hydra. he is shown to be one of Ajax's henchmen in the film. The film completely ignored the characters history with Hydra, simply because of rights issues with Marvel Studios

Stan Lee gets his traditional cameo as an MC in the strip club where Vanessa works and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld makes a cameo as a patron in the bar where Deadpool's best friend Weasel works.

Vanessa is a normal worker at the strip club and the girlfriend of Deadpool. In the film, she is shown as pre-Copycat. In the film, she and Deadpool are dating for a year before Deadpool has contracted cancer. Fearing of losing her, he leaves her in order to be cured. Later on, Weasel tells Deadpool to return to her but she is kidnapped by Ajax. Deadpool goes to her rescue, with the help of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. They reconcile after he explains everything to her and she accepts him, even in his ugly appearance. Although she sports a streak of white hair, she has not yet developed her mutant powers, unlike in the comics.

The film was full of sex references and violence. breaking the fourth wall was hilarious and great cast of characters. I give it 5 out 5 for its action packed story-line and characters, despite that I am not a fan of Blind Al, who Deadpool lives with after he gets cured.

On to Deadpool 2, I am really excited that Cable is going to appear as cable is a well known friend and ally to Deadpool. I also have a wishlist on which characters I hope to see in the film. Go to the poll and vote and if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. What did you guys think of Deadpool? Who do you want to see in Deadpool 2? Leave comments down below and let me know.


Who would you like to see in Deadpool 2?


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