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If you want to brush up on your Cable knowledge, use the cheat sheet below to be able to blag a decent dinner party conversation about the hard-ass mutant!

What's His Origin Story?

Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. Plans to breed a powerful hybrid mutant were derived by Sinister, who decided that Jean was too reckless to carry the baby and created a clone for the sole purpose of bringing Cable into the world.

After some hiccups bringing Madelyne to life were resolved by using a portion of Jean's consciousness that had been borrowed by the Phoenix force, Sinister arranged for her to meet Summers. Scott was instantly drawn to Madelyne because she looked almost identical to his true love, Jean and after a whirlwind romance they married and Cable was conceived.

Madelyn exacting her revenge on Sinister
Madelyn exacting her revenge on Sinister

What's His Human Name?

Cable was born in the kitchen of the X-Mansion and his mother named him Nathan Christopher Summers. Nathan was chosen thanks to an implanted suggestion by Sinister.

Nathan as a baby with his mother
Nathan as a baby with his mother

What Are His Powers?

A lot of Cable's powers were born from an encounter with Apocalypse who kidnapped Nathan as a baby after being awoken by the powerful forces created by Cable's birth. The infant was injected with a techno-organic virus which devours skin and muscular tissue and replaces them with technology until the subject dies.

At this time, a being from the future named Askani arrives and explains to Nathan's parents that their son could be healed if they allowed her take him two thousand years into the future to a place where they supposedly have the ability to heal him. Knowing that he will certainly die in the present they allow her to take him.


Who Is His Mortal Enemy?

Fearing baby Nathan might not be strong enough to survive the healing procedure, Askani has Nathan cloned as a precaution. During the cloning process, Apocalypse attacks and kidnaps Nathan’s clone. He however, thinks his prize is the original Nathan Summers.

The clone is raised by Apocalypse, takes on the name Stryfe and becomes Cable's ultimate nemesis. Initially, the fact that Cable has a clone is a mystery to most, so Stryfe’s existence causes a lot of trouble for the mutant.

For example, Stryfe attempted to assassinate Charles Xavier by infecting him with the techno-organic virus but everyone thought it was Cable who had carried out the attack. This lands the young mutant in pretty hot water, but he has a pretty rocky relationship with the X-men anyhow.

Just How Powerful Is He?

Cable once took on The Avengers singlehandedly... I think that's all you need to know really!

Is His Only Power His Strength And Resilience

Cable’s natural psionic powers were arguably the most powerful in the entire X-Men universe but unfortunately, most of this power is tied up in holding the techno-organic virus at bay.

He can also use the virus to interface with machines and other electronics and the fact that he's from the future also means he has some high-tech gadgets that allow him to time-hop and teleport.

There is a moment when Cable masters his mutant abilities and they are so powerful that he uses his telepathy to enforce a state of utopia around the entire Earth.

Where's His Base?

Cable's old ship turned moon-base, Greymalkin, is his chosen home base.

What's The Deal With Deadpool?

Cable and Deadpool have a long history that ranges from tentative friendship to insane aggravation. While their personalities might not make them the most natural duo, the Cable and Deadpool series ran for almost four years.

Although it was popular with fans, the series had problems clinging onto its production team, possibly due to the difficult dynamics of the odd couple.

Think of Cable & Deadpool as being the second cousin of a buddy cop series. Deapool’s non-stop motor-mouth is a major contrast to Cable’s super serious and honorable nature, as you'll see in the movie.

Share your Cable knowledge below!

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