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It seems that Titanic is getting quite the revival these days, what with it being almost two decades since the release and with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet being shown in permanent embrace on various red carpets these days.

In fact, the movie's impact appears to be so great that after all this time, we still can't get over the soul-destroying ending to the three-and-a-half hour shipwreck weepie. You know, the bit where Jack's precious angel face freezes to death in the Atlantic waters while Rose lays sprawled out like a princess on an enormous piece of door. Indeed, over the years, millions of fans pleaded at their screens for Kate Winslet to shuffle over a smidgen to allow Leo to clamber out of the water — but alas, to no avail.

The struggle has been so real that some people have gone to great depths to prove that there was actually enough room for two on that tragic piece of debris. And now, it seems that an original cast member has chimed into the discussion too.

Billy Zane, who played Rose's terrible fiancé and likely sociopath Cal Hockley, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, saying:

"I think he could’ve fitted on that bit of door."

Yet, the villain of Titanic went to say that Jack, who always did the most honorable thing, would have probably declined the request anyway:

"[Dawson] always did the honorable thing. In gesture and in action, Jack was always more of a gentleman than Cal. [Not saving himself] was the gentlemanly thing to do."

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/ 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures/ 20th Century Fox]

Yeah, Billy's got that right. If you remember correctly, when the ship was sinking, Cal grabbed the nearest unaccompanied, weeping child and boarded a rescue boat to save his shoddy ol' soul. Meanwhile, our darling Jack silently floated away to the bottom of the sea just like Rose's blue diamond Heart of The Ocean.

The terrible injustice of it makes me want to also spit in Cal's stupid face just like she does movie.

[Credit: Paramount Pictures/ 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures/ 20th Century Fox]

Thankfully, the man behind the hated character laments the fact that he had to play such a colossal a-hole. Just like us, he wishes that it could have all ended happily — Zane admits:

"There might have been a little room on there. Perhaps in some sense of reality, while discussing a plot point of a movie, he could have survived. It's a hard one to get my head around."

Was there enough space for two on that door? Discuss.



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