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Deadpool finally hit the big screen this past weekend, and he was a HUGE success — as if we'd ever doubted him. Earning a staggering $150 million dollars over the weekend nationally, Deadpool achieved total superhero movie dominance, which is incredibly exciting for the future of the movie genre. But I digress, because we're here to see if I can shine some light on the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool is a character that has an incredibly large fanbase, seeing as he is one of the most unique Marvel characters in the comics. Often we find Deadpool interacting with his own panels as he breaks the fourth wall and comments on what's happening to him, or even just making a joke to his readers.

8. He once fought several dead presidents and then re-killed them

After former presidents rise from the grave and all the heroes of Marvel don't want to be the ones to stop them (because come on... they're the presidents of history), Deadpool steps in to save the day. Since heroes can't kill or re-kill presidents, so who do they turn to? Yup, you guessed it: Deadpool. Our favorite Merc with a Mouth faces off against the historic presidents like Gerald Ford, George Washington, Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, and even Ronald Reagan in space.

7. He can actually be pretty heroic

Often times Deadpool's deeds are overlooked, considering he is a truly complex character. His heroic status is often underplayed as his heroic deeds are few and far between, but he has shown himself to be selfless at times. One particular story arc that cements his status as a hero is when he encounters Archangel on the brink of death. In the only way he can think of, Deadpool nurses him back to health by carving chunks of his own flesh off and feeding them to Archangel. I know, truly inspiring.

6. He's a nerd, just like many of us

Deadpool isn't just a mercenary and psychotic antihero, he has many characteristics that endear him to us; one of those is that he's totally a nerd. Deadpool has been known to play his fair share of Dungeons and Dragons, considering in one comic frame he says, "Well, I'm a sixteenth level ranger in advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Chaotic neutral. Saving throws o' plenty." Deadpool has also been known to play a little Warcraft over the years, as he's evidenced by shouting the name "Leeroy Jenkins" as he rushes into battle. He's also been quoted as saying that he has seen every episode of Star Trek.

5. Captain America is his pal

In the entirety of the Marvel Universe, there's really only one hero who actually likes Deadpool, and it's not who you'd imagine: Captain America. The star spangled hero actually has defended Deadpool over the years since he, to a point, understands Deadpool's pain of going through a government experiment. This leads to the Cap being the only person that Deadpool in turn respects, seeing as Wade idolized Captain America when he was young.

4. He's killed the entire Marvel Universe and the Literary Universe

It's fairly common knowledge that Deadpool went completely bonkers and started slaughtering the entirety of the Marvel Universe. Then he has an epiphany and realizes that the characters in Marvel comics are trapped in an endless cycle of death and resurrection because they all draw inspiration or are based on characters in literary fiction. His solution is to literally kill everyone and end the cycle. So he travels through the Nexus of All Realities and begins murdering classic characters like Don Quixote, Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, The Little Women, Captain Ahab, Count Dracula, the Headless Horseman, Dorian Gray, and many others.

3. No pickles

Deadpool has died before (twice actually). After the second time, he was resurrected by Thanos, but not before four false Deadpools could appear in the Marvel Universe. Each of the four Deadpools was a personification of the various aspects of his personality, as a parody of DC's famous Death of Superman. The first was an idealistic hero with traditional heroic elements, the second was a Punisher-esque fighter who took pleasure in killing anything; the third was a pop culture star similar to Bam Margera; and the fourth Deadpool was completely insane, saying only two words the entire arc: "No Pickles."

2. He named himself

It may not come as a surprise to many readers, given his natural comedic genius, that he actually named himself in one of the most convoluted stories in comic book history. After being removed from the Weapon X program, he was left in a gruesome medical testing lab full of other failed government rejects. In this lab he was experimented on and tortured, and there was a "dead pool" bet on which patient would survive. Wade Wilson was given odds of 1000 to 1, and by beating the odds he decided that his new name would be Deadpool.

1. He was never supposed to be popular

Deadpool was initially introduced in New Mutants #98 as a stock bad guy hired to kill Cable and add some comedic presence to the super serious X-Men. Although he is often compared to another mercenary from DC, Deathstroke, he slowly became his own character and captured our hearts and is now one of the most beloved Marvel characters of all time.

With all that said, if you haven't seen the new movie, I highly recommend checking it out. Until then enjoy this Deadpool trailer.

Do you know any fun facts about the Merc with a Mouth?


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