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Joseph Gordon Levitt turns 35 today, so what better time to celebrate all of those times he charmed himself into our hearts, like...

1. When He Showed Us His Best Magic Mike

2. When we first saw his pout and puppy dog eyes combo peering out of our teen mags <3

3. When He Only Got Better With Age

4. When He Had The BEST Taste In Celeb Pals

5. When He Proved He Feels The Same Way About The Gym As You Do

6. When He Proved He Could Even Look Totally Hot in WOMEN'S PANTIES

7. When We Weren't Sure Who To Fancy More in '10 Things I Hate About You'

8. When He Made Us Laugh Out Loud With His On Point Cover of 'Ingition...'

9. And 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

10. When He Was An Outspoken Feminist Who Understood The Shit Women Go Through

11. When He Protected The Privacy Of His Baby So Well That A Lot Of People Don't Realize It Exists

I mean, how many of you even recognized his wife, Tasha McCauley?

12. When He Teamed Up With Neil Patrick Harris To Skit About Love

13. When He Showed He Cared About The Planet By Marching For Climate Change


Posted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Sunday, 21 September 2014

14. When He Understood That Romantic Movies Can Give Young People Skewed Ideas About Love

15. When He Proved He Appreciated The Small Details That Make Up The Big Picture With This Adorable Book

16. Ummmm, Did I Mention That Magic Mike Moment Already?

17. When He Played With Puppies And Your Heart EXPLODED

18. When Mastered The Art of The 'Belfie'

19. When He Wore Every Weird Face He Can Make Like A Badge Of Honor

20. When He Made 'Dadcore' A Thing

21. When He Reveled In His Geeky Passions Like The Confident Dude He Is

22. When He Also Catered For All Those Cat People Out There

23. When He Did The Most Adorable Reddit VMA Ever

24. When He Showed Us He Really Loves His Art

25. When He Made Us All Laugh With His Low Cost Star Wars Cosplay

26. When He Wasn't Afraid To Really Run With Showing Us How Happy He Is

27. When You Still Would After Seeing This Picture

28. When He Actually Made The Lame Match Chewing Cliche Look Cool

29. When We Realized How Much He Looks Like The Late Heath Ledger

30. When He Saved Ann Hathaway's Dress Like A True Gent

31. When We Realized We Would Respond To The Cheesiest Chat Up Lines If They Were Coming Out Of This Face

32. When He SLAYED This Lip Sync To Nicki Minaj

33. When He Looked As Sharp As A Diamond Razor

34. Basically, We Would Totally Give Him A Lick Of Our Ice Cream


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