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Stephen King's imagination is so otherworldly, prolific and vibrantly frightful, it's hardly surprising that so many on-screen adaptations have been made of his work.

11.22.63 is the latest in a long line of TV reworks, joining the ranks of series such as Haven, Under The Dome, The Dead Zone and Kingdom Hospital, among many others.

King himself has referred to the latest series as "remarkable," which isn't surprising considering the pedigree of those involved. J.J. Abrams is one of the executive producers, and James Franco stars in the leading role.

The plot revolves around a time-traveling high school teacher (Franco) who finds a portal into America's past and is given the task of preventing the assassination of JFK. No pressure, mate.

Easter Eggs Galore

In an interview with Yahoo, King discussed the eight-part miniseries, which aired on Hulu on February 15. The author has promised eagle-eyed viewers a few references to look out for:

“There are plenty of Easter Eggs [in the series], but I’m not giving them away. One hint: 900 points for the first viewer to spot REDRUM.”

King also confirmed that insanely talented producer Abrams, when he isn't busy rejuvenating the Star Wars franchise or guiding the Star Trek clan into darkness, found time to produce the opening credit music. King added:

"J.J. is a multi-talented multi-tasker. Next year, in his spare time, he’s playing shortstop for the Cubs and touring with a Riverdance troupe."

You can watch '11.22.63' on Hulu from February 15.

Source: Yahoo


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