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(Warning — the following contains major SPOILERS for the most recent episode of DC and The CW's The Flash. If you aren't yet all caught up, then proceed with caution and such...)

So. Let's talk about last night.

Now sure, we had a whole lot of fun hanging out on Earth-2, and alternate Barry was a hoot and all, but, well, there's something about the way things ended that just ... doesn't sit right. Sure, spending some time with Killer Frost was great, and watching the gang fight their way back to Earth-1 was fun and everything, but that doesn't change the fact that...

One Of DC's Most Legendary Heroes Just Got Killed

Or, at least, that's what it seems we're expected to take away from the episode. After all, we totally did just watch Jay Garrick — fresh from successfully powering down the inter-universe breach — being grabbed by Zoom and pulled back into Earth-2. With the villain's hand phased through his chest.

Which seems pretty final, when you think about it. Except, of course, this is a superhero TV show we're talking about here, and pretty much nobody actually stays dead. The big question, then?

Is Jay Garrick Actually Dead?

Honestly? At this point, it's pretty much impossible to say. We might have seen the end of that particular version of Jay, only to see an alternate version pop up, but we could just as easily see the hero turn out to (somehow) be Zoom, despite the two appearing in different universes simultaneously.

Alternatively, it's entirely possible that the pair were working together the whole time, and that Jay's "death" was in fact simply a pre-planned way for him to return with Zoom, having completed whatever he had been up to on Earth-1.

Or, y'know, this being The Flash, pretty much anything could happen — which is very much part of the fun...

What do you think, though?


Is Jay Garrick really dead?

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