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Ah, Fable. As one of the most loved fantasy series of the past decade, the Fable series laid down some crucial cornerstones for the open world fantasy adventure genre of video gaming, and the next instalment is set to take Lionhead Studios' popular franchise to the next level.

I speak of course of Fable Legends, Lionhead's answer to the free-to-play cooperative genre that has become so popular as of late. And what we've seen of it so far looks beautiful.

Legends is set again in the fictional world of Albion - but one that is "a little bit different" to its predecessors in that it takes place hundreds of years prior to the original trilogy. This Albion is a younger, less refined land filled with dark and dangerous monsters and magics and no Heroes' Guild. Fable Legends sets you as either one of a group of heroes who must band together, or the villain that opposes them...

Check out the announcement trailer below!

Hero Types

As with any good RPG there's various different types of characters available to play, and they're all customisable to a certain degree, with some that play like a first-person shooter and some edging towards the more RPG traditional magic based skill sets.

Interestingly enough the character types will apparently be roughly 50/50 split on men and women, a big step up from other co-op games of this nature.

Here's the different types we know about this far, but there's many more still to be revealed.

  • Sterling: close combat based, uses a rapier.
  • Winter: utilises will (magic) abilities and ice attacks.
  • Rook: wields a crossbow for ranged combat.
  • Inga: a paladin with heavy armor, armed with a sword and shield.

In the hero teams you'll fight 4 vs 1, with the co-op teams facing off against a villain who in turn controls their own army of monsters. The combat will of course include a large dose of strategy as you'll have to work together with the other members of your team.

Be The Villain

Like Valve's wonderful Left 4 Dead series you'll also be able to play the other side of the field in Fable Legends and take on a more villainous role, fighting against the four person hero team.

Playing as the villain allows you to control the nature of the quest of which the hero characters play out, giving you agency over the monsters which oppose them and the ability to set traps. Ensuring that you can't go too nuts with this feature though is the "creature points" strategy, which are used during the villain's strategy planning as each creature will cost you a certain amount of points to summon and use.

How Do I Play?

Well - given that it's a Fable game it will only be available on PC and Xbox One. Sorry PS4 users, at least you're getting that sweet sweet Kojima exclusive.

Even though the game is free to play itself you'll need to make sure you have an Xbox Live subscription to play on Xbox One due to the fact that it's an online multiplayer. On PC it will follow the usual free-to-play model.

Most interestingly your gameplay is able to be synced cross-platform, so you can jump between PC and Xbox One without losing your progress, for whatever reason you may want to do that.

The open beta was recently announced to be going live in Spring of 2016, and Lionhead have just opened up another 100,000 spaces on the beta. For more information on that and to sign up you can check out the official website here.

What's the most exciting thing about Fable Legends for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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