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Yes, it has a great multiplayer but how long does the campaign last? Well,

developer id software have finally broken the silence.

Speaking out on Twitter the developers have revealed that the campaign should take roughly thirteen hours to play through. They went on to state that varying difficulty levels will play a major part in the overall time taken by players new to the game.

The thirteen-hour estimate is not a figure just plucked from the sky, this is the time it takes the in-house team to beat the game. This suggests that we could expect the average to be a little longer than thirteen hours when played by those tackling it for the first time.

Thirteen hours is actually quite good - most First Person Shooter games have stories that last an average of roughly eight hours - so this comes as a pleasant surprise. This may be due to the games new, non-linear feel. Players will have to explore many a hidden area in this edition.

That trailer, though!

Doom (Doom 4) promises to be a loud, fast paced, high octane game that infects the senses. Doom never made excuses about blowing shit up and being a little over-the-top - and for me, that is absolutely what the franchise is all about and exactly what we are getting from id software.

You will also notice that the new Doom has a very distinct aesthetic, the team behind the project wanted to inject the title with its own personality that throws back to the original game series. ID Software wanted to cater to both the new era of gamers as well as the old school lot.

Doom launches in May on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A beta will be taking place some time before launch. No exact date has been given as of yet.


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