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As the big reveal to who Zoom is approaches I thought I would give you guys my top 3 theories.

1.) Earth-1 Hunter Zolomen

So if you only watch the TV show you won't be familiar with that name but if you also read the comics you will know that Hunter Zolomen is the 3rd person to become the Reverse Flash or as he liked to call himself 'Zoom'. The reason I think he could be Zoom is because as we have seen in season 1 they like to stick to the comics with it turning out Eobard Thawne being the reverse flash after all, so I think they might be doing something like that again and since Barry doesn't know that Jay found his earth-1 counter part when Zoom unmasks himself Barry could think its Jay Garrick so that is another way they could go.

2.) Wally West

I believe that it could either be earth-1 or 2 Wally and here is why. Wally has the traits of the new 52 reverse flash (Daniel West) as he is the brother to Iris and has Father issues like Daniel. Zoom has a demonic look like Daniel and can steal speed like him. The Dark Flash is an alternate version of wally like Zoom who could be Earth-2 Wally. NOTICE how Dark Flash has blue lightning. Why is that now Zoom hasn't been around earth-1 wally now all a sudden shows up?

3.) Barry Allen

I know what you're thinking how can he Zoom if he is the flash? Well I'm not talking about that Barry I'm talking about the 1990s show Barry. Remember when we got that tease in episode 13 of the flash from the 1990s series with John Wesley Shipp? Well if you look at his flash symbol it's backwards so is that a coincidence or not? I mean like why would they show him or why would hos flash symbol be backwards, they Have the actor who plays the character. What if it is Barry from the 1990s series.

Again these are just my theories but let me know your theories in the comics.


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