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One of the floating theories I've been reading for a long time is that Jay Garrick might be Zoom.

Today I would like to support that theory and here's theory why.

Here is a list of reasons why Jay Garrick is the Zoom:

  • Jay Garrick hated Harrison Wells from Earth-2 from the beginning (Just like Zoom does).
  • His story was never truthful. He keeps changing his past story every time he tells it somebody in Team Flash.
  • Jay always insisted Barry become faster, as does Zoom.
  • We've never seen Jay Garrick and Zoom together in any scene. Well, except for the one below.
Zoom phases his hand into Jay Garrick
Zoom phases his hand into Jay Garrick

But hey, that doesn't mean anything because we've already seen the Reverse Flash pull this illusion trick before, in Season 1 Episode 9.

reverse flash kicking his own ass!
reverse flash kicking his own ass!

Enough with the teasing... here comes the real reasons.

In Season 2 Episode 14, Jay says that he needs rest just before the Geomancer attacks S.T.A.R. Labs and almost kills Caitlin and Iris. In the next scene they however show us Zoom beating up Barry on Earth-2. The whole building is experiencing an earthquake and this guy is having a rest?! Come on!!

Then on Earth-2 there is an unknown masked prisoner along with Barry and Jesse.

He taps a code which spells out "J A Y". He then gets disappointed when Barry assures him that Jay Garrick is alive on Earth-1. But before he could say more, Zoom comes in and interrupts their chat.

My theory is that, this masked guy is Jay Garrick of Earth-2.

Then who is this guy, you ask?!

He... wait for it ... is Hunter Zolomon from Earth-2. They even showed us the Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1.

Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1
Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1

According to the comics, we know that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. So I think they haven't screwed up with that. Nonetheless, Caitlin has tested Jay's blood multiple times and she did not find any speed force in it. How come?

I have two theories for that:

1. He has total control over the speed force in his body and he can shut it down whenever he wants.
2. According to the comics, Zoom doesn't have speed force in him, but he is a master in time manipulation.

It is possible that he might be dying and that he needs a speedster's speed to become healthy, but that's just what I think. Maybe the creators have a different explanation for that one.

Hence, I think that Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears) from Earth-2 has taken the identity of Jay Garrick and comes to Earth-1 to steal the Flash's speed.

That concludes my theory about Zoom's identity. Any loopholes are welcomed.


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