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There's a lot of reasons I like writing on MoviePilot.

  • The site's format is easy to understand and use.
  • The articles I've written have been featured not only the website but google as well as other search engines.
  • The staff is great, supportive, and always encouraging of all their writers.

But I think one of the biggest reasons I like writing on MoviePilot is the fact that they offer unique incentives for their creators like contests to win cool prizes and they're not the kind of contests that you have no chances of winning. They're really cool contests with some really cool stuff.

So I just wanted to show off how awesome MoviePilot's staff is by showing this video of the cool stuff that they sent me for winning last month's contest.

Check it out!.


I apologize for the poor quality. I had to shoot the video through my Kindle Fire and then find a work-around to get it up on YouTube just so I could share it here with you guys. Some day I'll get a nice fancy video set up and will make videos all the time but for now, this will have to do and I'll try to limit how many videos I make anyways.

But what do you guys think? Pretty cool right? They wouldn't tell me what was going to be in the box when they announced that I had one...

...but they pretty much nailed it on the head as far as my movie interests go. I'm glad too that not all of the movies they sent me are movies that I have seen. I have been trying to watch mostly movies that I've never seen before, it's part of my New Years Resolution and this care package of blu rays will help with that.

So thanks again, MoviePilot!


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