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The superhero genre is one of the most popular type of films and yes I am calling its own genre because at this moment they are killing it in the box offices and made a name for themselves and their own category.

Now a well known Director who goes by the name of Steven Spielberg says had a lot to say about superhero movies and he predicts that the superhero genre will die of the same fate of the Western genre. This is what exactly what he had to say.

"We were around when the Western died and there will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western. It doesn't mean there won't be another occasion where the Western comes back and the superhero movie someday return"

Now I understand where Steven Spielberg is coming from and this was said in the year of the not so great film Fan4stic (2015's Fantastic Four). But his Controversial point can still be proven wrong in many ways and with the recent success of Deadpool is this still the case? Well, here's 7 of ways that show the superhero genre is changing and it's going to be a long time till it goes and dies.

1. Comic book movies are becoming R rated

It's easy to forget that there were other R rated comic book themed movies before Deadpool, but you can say Deadpool is the one that changed the game in terms of of films being R as it inspired the upcoming Wolverine film to aim for an R rating and X-Force and many more.

Now for more superhero films to have an R rating is a huge step up and change as it will allow more gore and violence and action. Things that the PG-13 ratting wouldn't allow but we must not get ourselves carried away because some superhero themed movies don't need the R rating because it might not need as much as violence and action like Deadpool does.

But we should appreciate the fact that some movies will be getting that R rated treatment it needs and desvered and this just a small step to a bigger leap of what's yet to come.

2. Different origin stories

It may look like all we receive are origin stories and this is what makes the superhero genre "boring" but I will fight you on that. Let me break it down for you. Ok, so we do receive some origin stories that are not really interesting like Green Lantern but then again we receive some pretty awesome ones like Batman Begins, Iron Man, etc.

And let's not forget the fact we're going to get some origin films on characters like Wonder Women, The Flash, Black Panther, and so many more and we've seen that the studios can do it justice and some of these heroes some haven't even heard of so an origin film will give them some knowledge of these characters.

You may feel like origin stories are being used over and over, but trust me there are so many more amazing origins, we still have to see on the big screen and studios have so many stories to adapt from. It hasn't reached its peak, just yet.

3. The heroes themselves battling it at between one another

We've always seen a hero fight a villain and where pretty used to the idea of it but what if it was the other way? A hero fighting another hero for a certain cause or issue is something that has rarely been done in the superhero genre but now we are able to see it.

Upcoming films like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are some of the very first movies to do so and it's always interesting because in the situation both heroes think they're doing justice. In a normal situation they want us to believe that the good guy is fighting for a reason while the bad guy is fighting for a bad reason, but when it's its two heroes fighting it really changes the situation.

Because, of course, both of them believe they are the ones who are fighting for a reason, which leaves the fans and audience to pick a side. It's such an interesting concept because once you have seen the situation from both pesprctives you have to make the judgment on who is right or you can just pick the one you like better.

4. The heroes teaming up

Now I'm adding this to the list simply because there was a time when heroes joining one force was a myth. We'd rarely see superheroes teaming up in movies because the characters would usually just have their stand alone movie or trilogy.

But with us being in the golden age, heroes teaming up is becoming a common and something that has been awaited for a long time. When this happens some of the earth mightiest heroes team as well as the worlds finest teaming up.

5. With so many superheroes it creates a universe

Now with there being so many superheroes it creates a cinematic universe which allows possibilities to expand. Without the cinematic universe we wouldn't see have any of these awesome team ups. Now studios want their universes to keep expanding which means more awesome movies.

Now, having a movie universe is awesome, but we also now have television universes that are made up of some of our favorite heroes. Take for example the Arrowverse. Started off with Arrow then the crossover show Flash and now it has expanded to have its third show which is Legends of Tomorrow.

6. Superheroes can now be found in the small screen too

We didn't always have a wide range of comic book themed shows to be watched. Usually there would on be one on air and we were pretty happy until time started moving forward and television had to move with it too.

Now we have a wide range of shows featuring some of our favorite comic book characters like, Flash, Daredevil, Supergirl, and so much more. Lots of these shows have now even created a universe on the small screen.

7. We even get animated movies which are pretty awesome

Everyone's Jason Todd
Everyone's Jason Todd

I'm not sure if Marvel actually make animated movies, but DC has been killing it with their animated movies. Now, they don't get released in theatres only straight away on DVD which is totally fine for me.

But what makes these animated movies awesome is the fact that so many of them are actual big comic book stories like The Dark Knight or Batman: Under the Hood. Now, just because its an animation in no way of form does this make it more for children as the movies run in serious tone and many of them of really violent. I'd recommend to check the age ratting in your state if you plan to watch or show someone who is at a young age.

Many of theses movies are well written with great characters that explore a dark and gritty tale. Now I know Marvel does not have as many animated movies as DC but they've been doing pretty good with their animated shows.

Now here are just seven reasons why I strongly believe the superhero genre in television and movies are changing. I could carry on for a while, but I don't want to keep you reading.

Now let me know what you think. Do you agree with me or do you think we're going to get bored of comic book themed shows and movies soon? Let me know in the comment section below of what you think.


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