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Last week, I wrote an article about the different Lantern Corps, their abilities and most prominent characteristics (to read that article click here). However, there were two Lantern Corps that I hadn't touched upon - the black and white Lantern Corps.

These two Lantern Corps are different from the others, they both bolster distinctly unique abilities and were both introduced and existed only for their specific storylines. These were also Universe spaning events influencing everything from deep space to the simplest of superheroes on Earth. So let's jump right into the black and white Lantern corps:

2. Black Lanterns

"The Blackest Night Falls From The Skies,
The Darkness Grows, As All Life Dies,
We Crave Your Hearts And Your Demise,
By My Black Hand The Dead Shall RISE"

The Black Lanterns derive their power from Nekron, the embodiment of Death. They were created by him , as his means to return into the realm of the Light. To this end, he choose an avatar (right now, William Hand a.k.a. Black Hand) which would create the Black Lantern Corps. He achieved that by resurrecting people and giving them Black Lantern Rings. The Black Lantern Rings ressurrect a being, retaining the host's memories and abilities but replacing all emotion with a constant need to rip out other people's heart. The heart is then used to strip all emotion from a person to feed off the Black Lantern Summoning, Nekron to the real world.

The Black rings give their hosts a number of abilities including classic ones, like flight, invulnerability and construct creation (albeit, not on par with the Green Lantern ring) but also give them unique abilities like emotional reading, regeneration and the ability to reanimate more corpses. If not stopped, the Black Lanterns can overcome and overrun everything and everyone. The only Black Lantern in the Universe in the DCU is Black Hand.


Nekron is the Embodiment of Darkness and the entity of death. He is imprisoned in the dimension between this world and the next, and constantly tries to escape into our dimension, killing all life and dimming all light. His abilities are limitless, and he can kill with his touch, reanimate numerous corpses at once and even bend reality to his own will. But even he was unable to stop the white light...

1. White Lanterns

The White Lanterns possess no Oath.

The White Lanterns derive their power from the light of creation and from life itself. There is not much known about the white light. The first time we see the white light and (subsequently) the White Lantern Corps, is during the Blackest Night when Hal Jordan severes the link between the black rings and his friends effectively turning them into White Lanterns. The White Lantern rings give their members the abilities of all the other Lantern Corps, but also unique ones like environmental playback, phasing, light reflection, space manipulation and healing.

The white light may also bestow a White Lantern ring to dead people who haven't yet fulfilled their purpose, like Deadman, guiding them on a journey to save life itself. The White Lantern ring is also the embodiment of great power and the Life-Equation, the means to control all life. The only White Lantern currently active is Kyle Rayner.

The Entity

The Entity is the embodiment of the light of creation itself. The light of creation created all life in the universe and bestowed upon them the abilities to feel emotion. The Entity has the ability to alter time, space and reality. Its God-like power can only be matched by Nekron. It originated billions of years ago, in the pocket of space where Earth is now located and was left hidden there to protect it from Nekron. No one knows what happened to the Entity after the Blackest Night event.

The Blackest Night and Brightest Day

The Blackest Night and Brighests day storylines are two of the most important storylines in the history of the DC Universe. The Blackest Night shook everything, reanimating old villains and heroes and killing others. The Blackest Night showed team-ups of people that nobody ever expected and it was the First World-shattering event that incorporated all of the DC Universe, initiated by the Green Lantern comics. It also showed the potential of a story driven to the edge, as people reading the comics couldn't even imagine how things would return to normal afterwards.

The Brightest Day, on the other hand, was a deep esoteric story. It showed the meaning of sacrifice for love and the greater good. The idea of giving a second chance echoed through the lives of some famous DC characters, and the readers showing us that you need to seize the day or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

A live- action adaptation?

Recently a new Green Lantern movie (The Green Lantern Corps) have been announced stating that we won't see just one human Green Lantern, but the Corps as a whole. This gives a chance to one day having the Blackest Night event in live action. But why do we need a live action- Blackest Night?

  • The Blackest Night event, gives you a chance to shake and change your Universe, killing or resurrecting your characters, in case their contracts have expired or not renewed.
  • Similarly to the Civil War movie, it doesn't need to be a full on exact adaptation of the comic, with the thousands of named characters from the whole of the DC publications to work.
  • It explores and deepens your Universe making it more diverse.
  • It explores philosophical and Cosmic forces.


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