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What did we see in The Flash last night? Aside from some more Earth 2 coolness, we also saw a bit more of the man in the Diggle-esque mask.

Nice Hat Bro
Nice Hat Bro

Spoilers below, maybe so proceed with caution if you have it waiting in your DVR

So last night the man in the iron mask sent a message via old school Morse code to Barry and Jesse in their zoom prison. He only managed three letters before getting cut off abruptly by Zoom. Those three letters…? Jay

Now many have been quick to jump and say that those letters revealed Zooms identity. But did it fully? I think that Jay Garrick clearly has something to do with Zoom, but is not necessarily the true identity of Zoom himself. What appears to be happening is that the writers have taken a key plot point from season 1, Harrison Wells not being Harrison Wells but being Eobard Thawne.

In season 2 it seems that the true identity of Zoom has yet to be revealed. What we do know however, is the Jay Garrick we know is not really Jay Garrick.

No, what happened last night seems to prove, at least in my opinion

That Jay Garrick is the man in the iron mask and Zooms prisoner.

Which also means that the Jay Garrick we know is Zoom in disguise. But who could Zoom actually be? The ideas have been tossed around like hot cakes… Henry Allen? Hunter Zolomon? Eddie Thawne? We do not have enough information quite yet to make that decision.

Initially my tendency was to believe it was Henry Allen purely based off of his mysterious disappearance this season. However the introduction of Hunter Zolomon has started to change that. Hopefully his identity will be revealed soon… until next time

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Who Is Zoom?


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