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Deadpool is a hit

Deadpool is the most successful R-Rated comic book movie of all time. So what does this mean? A lot of people are afraid that it means movie companies will take the wrong lesson from this and try to copy the formula for other movies. One those people being James Gunn. And you know what, he could be right.

But let’s be honest hear. Deadpool is not a success due to it being a raunchy R-Rated action comedy. It’s not due to the viral campaign efforts of the team behind the movie. Or because of the shoe string budget it was given. It was a success because of love.

Ryan Reynolds has spoken out many time about how he loves this character. He has said many times that he wanted to make this version of the movie many times over. He talks about how it took him 11 years to get this movie made. So one thing you can be certain, he wasn’t going to screw it up.

Deadpool, is raunchy, irreverent and breaks all the rules of superhero movies. But that is because the Deadpool comics are raunchy, irreverent and break all the rules of comic books. The movie is different, because the comics are different. And the people that put this movie together knew that and were obviously fans of the source material. So they did the best job they could to be true to the spirit of the comic book, but in doing so knew the movie had to be rated R.

So know that is the lesson the execs should take from this. Be true to the source material, not be raunchy and you’ll have a hit. But it seems like the studios are quickly going the wrong direction, After the recent Toy Fair in New York a promotional image was posted to reddit that showed the anticipated rating for Wolverine 3 is R. This move doesn’t supreise me because it’s coming from Fox, the studio that though that last Fantastic Four movie was a good idea.

But I ask you, is this a good idea? Does it make sense? Sure if there is another marvel Character that could possibly have an R rated film it could be Wolverine. But is what would push the movie to R? Put it simply over the top violence and possibly gore. So does that make sense at this point? A franchise that at this point has 7 previous films all rated PG-13 does it make sense to make this next one rated R? To make it over the top gory it needs an R rating?

Now if they were to maybe include Deadpool in the film ok I can see them being able to add other elements to make it rated R, but then they are stealing the spotlight from what should be Hugh Jackman’s swan song, which is a terrible idea.

I don’t believe Disney/Marvel will fall into this trap, because they have a good thing going at this point and they won’t derail their success because of one movie from a competitor that has their character’s license. But it does open the door to do an R-Rated Howard the Duck movie. Will they? Most likely not, but they have the opportunity now to attempt it and possibly knock it out of the park. They could possibly even reboot Blade with an R rating.

But let’s be totally honest in a way Marvel is already given us an R rated comic book adaption. When you look at the work they are doing on the Netflix shows they are definitely skirting the line of an R rating there. These show of course are rate MA, but definitely that is Marvel’s taste of an R rating that they are giving us.

On the other side of the aisle over at DC/WB I’m not sure what they will do. They’ve gone so dark and gritty with all their characters they are actually only a gentle push away from an R-Rated Superman film. Something nobody wants. Don’t get me wrong. If they decided to do a standalone live action Killing Joke film I would expect that to be rated-R, but not Man of Steel 2. I’m probably wrong, but I ‘ve got a bad feeling that Warner Brothers is the kind of company that worries more about reaching audience then being true to character that it’s a slight possibility. But I hope not.

So in conclusion, movie execs, Deadpool was successful because it was true to the source material. It was a labor of love and it was different then what is currently out there. Trying to cookie cutter it won’t give you a successful movie. Just be original and people will go see your movie.

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