ByTaly Andino, writer at
Taly Andino

Let's talk about that little Easter egg during the climax of Deadpool. No, not the reference to Hydra Bob, but what many thought was cool to see, but some wondered how they were able to get away with it and not get sued, yet.

During the final battle, you see Ajax standing and looking down at Deadpool, from what it looks to be a normal aircraft carrier. Until you see what looks to be turbine engines on the side of the ship.

As the ship starts to tip over, you get to see two more of those same turbines on the opposite side of the ship during an overhead shot. The design is not the same as the one used by Marvel Studios in The Avengers.

The design that they did reminds me of a toy I purchased for my son when he was younger. It's very similar to the cartoon version used for the Super Hero Squad cartoon.

Here is the newly released concept art of the ship. It of course did not make it to screen as it was conceived, but we got the hint.

So how is it possible that there hasn't been anything said about them using a helicarrier style ship in Deadpool or was I seeing things?


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