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FOX HAS SAID WOLVERINE IS GETTING AN 'R' RATING!!! Well, not really. They are "anticipating an R rating" for Wolverine 3, and that is good news. It means Fox is going ALL IN on this film. They aren't going to cut out stuff, and nuder a possibly better movie just to give it a 'PG-13' rating. It seems Fox will let the film be what it is. If that's an 'R' rated movie. Great! If it's pushing the limits of a 'PG-13' movie. Great! In my opinion it seems that they just want to do right by the property for once, and I am all for it.

I have heard some people say that Wolverine doesn't need an 'R' rating! Personally I think his character and movie would benefit from a harder rating. This way we can see Wolverine's true rage and brutality in action.

Another property I think could benefit from the, used to be dreaded 'R' rating, would be X-Force. An X-Force movie needs to be more violent and gratuitous than an X-men movie. Why? Just because of the players involved (Deadpool and Wolverine to name two. ) Now do I think a good PG-13 movie could do ok by these properties? Of course! I just think that to give us (the fans) what the properties deserve (an 'R' rating) could take an ok to good movie, to a higher entertainment level. You know. Kinda like 'Deadpool'.

And just so people don't think that I am picking on Fox or Marvel properties. I also think that 'Suicide Squad' could have benefited from an 'R' rating, but with that being said. I do think 'Suicide Squad' will be very good, and potentially the best Comic book movie we get this year. Yes, even at a PG-13 rating.

Do you think studios will let the floodgates open and start green lighting all 'R' rated comic book movies? OR do you think that they (The studios) understand that some of these movies need an 'R' rating and will do right by the individual movie?


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