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We live in an age where anyone under the age of 25 was raised watching television and films. With us watching such things from before we could even walk or talk, some things were bound to leave a mark. How many of us have raised our poor cats in the air, imitating the iconic presentation of Simba to all the inhabitants of the Pridelands? How many characters have used and reused the words "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"? For most of us these words come so naturally that we might forget who really uttered them first. Well, below I have made a list of some of the most iconic words and scenes that ever showed up on the big screen.

1. 'Titanic' - The Arms Out Pose (1997)

Okay, admit it, even if you've never stood at the front of a ship, we have all spread out arms out to the wind, echoing Rose's stance in Titanic. Apart from becoming an iconic couple's photo pose, the scene above has also become a bit of a mockery. However, whatever the case, even when the ship sank this scene continued to live on.

2. 'James Bond' - The Iconic Introduction (1962)

We never have had the opportunity to specifically say, "Bond, James Bond," but we have all said our own names in a similar way. Whether it be John Smith or Jane Doe we have all uttered our names in this order, possibly to make a 007 worthy first impression.

3. 'Frozen' - Just Let It Goooo! (2013)

Frozen is known for a lot of things but I think one that really got singed into people's minds is the song "Let It Go." I don't know about you, but I cannot say the words 'let it go' without slightly singing them.

4. 'Apollo 13' - "We Might Have A Problem" (1995)

Although "Houston, we have a problem" is actually not historically correct, it has practically invaded all corners of the the cinematic and television universe. Although it is now used in a comical sense, we cannot forget that it was first uttered back in 1995 in Apollo 13.

5. 'The Hunger Games' - "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" (2012)

One of the most recent additions to this collection, teens and adults around the world occasionally find themselves, especially during exam time, saying to their peers, "May the odds ever be in you favor." Whether it is to survive the Hunger Games or exams (admit it, they aren't that different) this has become the modern "good luck!"

6. 'The Godfather' - There Are Some Things You Just Can't Refuse (1972)

I've never said the words myself, but like much else said by the Godfather it continues to live on in modern plots and characters. That night Vito Corleone really did make a deal the world couldn't refuse or forget.

7. 'All About Eve' - "It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride" (1950)

I was personally surprised by how old this expression really is. Over half a century later this endearing phrase is still frequently used.

8. 'Casablanca' - The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship (1942)

Ever look at someone and realize that he/she is just as crazy as you? If that isn't the start of a beautiful friendship, I don't know what is.

9. 'The Wizard Of Oz' - "We're Not In Kansas Anymore" (1939)

We may not be in Oz, but if you're not in Kansas these words have followed adventurers across time and space, sometimes accompanied by a cute little dog.

10. 'The Lion King' - Raising Your Cat/Pet/Baby In The Air (1994)

I think this article went full cycle, we started with an iconic scene and it will end with the most iconic scene ever created. 22 years later, children and adults are still raising their poor cats, pets, or even babies in the air and presenting them to the world, much to the kitties' dismay.

So, there you go! 10 phrases and scenes that have emerged from the big screen and taken on new life in our words and actions. It may be strange that we reference such films on a nearly daily basis without realizing, but that just makes things more interesting, doesn't it?


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