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We meet Hera's father!

Hera returns home in this episode of rebels. The phoenix squad is at it last leg as many of the rebel fighters are taken out by the Empire leaving their numbers dwindling. Worried that there will be no more places to hide the ships Hera has a plan to fix the problem and even give the Rebellion an asset they need.

In need of a helping hand they make contact with Cham Syndulla, who is Hera's father who fought in the Clone Wars, with Mace Wind. Hera has a past grudge against her father while Kanon is really taken to him. They coordinate a plan to overtake and steal the carrier that houses these Imperial bombers and with Syndulla's experience he is a great addition to the group.

It turns out the Syndulla has a different motive and wants to blow up this station as revenge for his planet. This conflicts with our groups motive as they want the bomber ship to take back to the rebels. But Syndulla and his gang get the upper hand at first and knock out the ghost group to get the head start. They disable the hyperdrive and even begin to plant bombs through out the carrier. Luckily Hera wakes everyone up and they make a plan to go stop Syndulla was blowing up the carrier at the same time stealing the ship so the rebels can use it.

This was a much better episode than last weeks but I still feel like we didn't get as much depth as we could've had. It was nice to see Hera's father and get a little hint at her past but I would've liked to have seen more. I think if this situation took place on her actually planet we could have seen more of her kind and maybe other faces from her past.

The message of the day became fairly obvious by the middle of the episode and I was just waiting for what beat to hit all the way to the end. A good episode, but a fairy predictable and inventive one as well.

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