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If you didn't get enough ass-kicking action in Kingsman: The Secret Service, then you might be ecstatic to hear that Taron Egerton from Eddie The Eagle will be returning as Eggsy in the Kingsman sequel.

And guess who his villainous adversary is? The incredibly talented Julianne Moore.

Director Matthew Vaughn is also back on board to continue the story of bad boy Eggsy, who is taken under the wing of upper-crust secret agent (Colin Firth) and trained to be a top-notch operative.

While Egerton's character is said to be making the move from London to the U.S., it looks as if Firth will not be returning as (SPOILER ALERT) his character Harry Hart died in the first film.

Moore will have to make time in her hectic schedule for The Kingsman 2, but it will be worth it. We might not know much about her character, but we do know that the Oscar-winning actress is going to be chillingly evil in the best way possible.

Production starts in May, as they are aiming for a summer shoot.

And just in case you need a bit of context on just how malicious Moore can get, I suggest you check her out as President Coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2.

Moore as President Coin
Moore as President Coin

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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