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As far as Ron's and Hermione's relationship would go, I agree with the actor, Rupert Grint, when he says that they wouldn't last. It may seem devastating to some, but is a normal part of muggle life, that i don't think the magical world would be immune to. Brought together from a friendship based on extreme life or death situations, and then thrown into a magical but semi-normal relationship status, their marriage would probably face the same constant bickering that ensued between the two characters during the slower moments at Hogwart's School. Love isn't enough to hold most similar marriages together in the muggle world. Now without the fear of death upon them as Voldemort is truly dead, I would imagine them attempting to stay together for a while as married adults for the sake of the children and their years of friendship, but finding that they are just too different in personalities to make a true life long marriage work. Taking into account personality traits that both showed during the movies; Hermione's constant corrections of everything from pronunciation to dress style to the future keeping their children away from germs countered by Ron's more laid back approach to child raising, is more than enough reason to cause bickering levels of divorce. But then add in Ron's apparent jealous streak during the Goblet of fire over Krum, from even before he wore the necklace or was in a relationship with Hermione. Combined with the loss of her parents and only family (by her own spell for their protection) which may cause her to feel isolated in the magical world, while Ron still has most of his own family (mourning the death of one son/brother), would all be contributing factors that could be brought up as emotional traumas and bickering fuel to force either one of them to need space or file for divorce. Would they still love each other? As friends? Probably, as they do have children, common friends, and common history to consider. As more.....? Would really depend on how much personal growth they are willing to undergo in normal days/years post battle. But I also think that they definitely would find their way back to each other should something tragic hit, or another severe conflict came about. While it may upset some potter fans to think about the relationship ending this way, it was the true intention of J.K Rowling to actually have Harry end up with Hermione instead of Ron as she stated during numerous interviews and in an open letter to the Potter fan site in 2014. Should Harry have married Hermione? And what would be some of the tragic plot twists in the following years of their marriage that would cause Ron and Hemione to come back to one another? I have a few thoughts....better saved for another time. Like a true Potter fan though, I just hope that there will be more from these actors and more Potter movies to come. Movies that expand on the lives of the previous main characters, as well as the upcoming releases that expanding on the magical world itself.


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