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The Saw franchise is quite controversial among horror fans. I personally loved the films and how they are all connected. I also am a sucker for surprise endings. Then you have the other half who feel that Saw is nothing but torture porn and has no real storyline. No matter which side of the fence you are on, you have to admit that the kills in this franchise are among horror films' greatest. With that in mind, let's take a look at 10 of the best Saw kills of the franchise.

10. Reverse Bear Trap Mask - 'Saw'

Number 10 on the list isn't actually a kill, but is still one of the most iconic scenes of the Saw franchise. The idea of having my head ripped in half is scary enough, but having to stab someone else to set myself free takes this first kill of the franchise to next level creepy. It really set the tone for what we were getting into.

9. The Hand Trap - 'Saw II'

There are just certain scenes that make you feel sympathy pains for the character who is going through the trauma. Try watching Audition and Vile without cringing and feeling numb in your wrists and ankles. The hand trap scene in Saw II is no exception. Something about having blades slicing into your wrists as you watch yourself slowly bleed out is absolutely terrifying.

8. The Water Box Trap - 'Saw V'

I'm going to start off by saying that one of my biggest fears is death by drowning. I can't imagine waking up with my head in a box that is continuously filling with water. What tops this scene off is another entry on this list where the victim doesn't die. The moment he stabbed himself in the throat with a pen I was immediately impressed and equally horrified.

7. The Pit and The Pendulum Trap - 'Saw V'

The Pendulum trap in Saw V is a little near and dear to my heart. I am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, which is why I renamed this The Pit in the Pendulum. The blade precisely cutting this poor guy in half was horror movie gold and nobody really felt bad for him because he seemed like a jerk.

6. Lover's Triangle Trap - 'Saw 3D'

This trap is when Jigsaw went public. Two lovers of a cheating girlfriend have to decide to either kill each other or let the love of their lives die. Let's be honest here: after realizing that she was playing them both and didn't care who died, why did they even try to save her? Call me cold-hearted, but I would have sat back and said, "Bye Felicia!"

5. The Classroom Trap - 'Saw III'

I have a soft spot in my heart for this trap as I got to meet the actor, J. LaRose, at Screamfest 2007. This trap is also unique as it was the first one not created by Jigsaw. For those who haven't watched the series, sorry for the tiny spoiler, but you still would never guess who it was anyway. Our poor guy here wakes up to find himself chained to the floor of a soon-to-explode room if he doesn't rip all of the rings placed in his body out. All I can say is, anything that deals with injuring the achilles heel makes me squirm in a way that is unimaginable.

4. The Wheel Trap - 'Saw 3D'

If I were a lawyer and I had to pray my client would get me out of a trap that slowly drives stakes though my eyes and mouth, I would think my chances were pretty slim; especially when he checked to see if the stakes were actually sharp.

3. Angel Wings Trap - 'Saw III'

Jigsaw has trapped so many who have been investigating him, and our lovely Kerry is another feather in his cap. This has to be one Jigsaw's most elaborate traps. Kerry must retrieve the key from acid before it melts so she can unlock herself from this contraption that will rip her ribs out of her body. Ouchies.

2. Ice Block Trap - 'Saw IV'

Unfortunately, I could not find a decent video of the ice block trap, so the GIF should illustrate how it ended for Donnie Wahlberg. He was strung up, standing on a block of ice that was slowly being melted, but if someone else accidentally set off a trigger, two giant ice blocks would come crashing down on either side to crush his head. His choice was death by hanging or death by crushing; we can see how that one turned out.

1. The Rack Trap - 'Saw 3'

Out of every kill in the Saw franchise, The Rack Trap is by far the creepiest and probably most painful. Creepy contortionists come to mind with this one as our poor victim is nailed through his hands and feet to a contraption that slowly turns his arms and legs around until they snap off. The sound of bones breaking is nausea inducing.

With 52 kills throughout 7 movies, it was really difficult to come up with 10 favorites. Something about the amount of effort that went into these traps and how they play into human indecency, as well as our fears of torture and pain, make Saw kills some of the creepiest and emotionally scarring in horror history.

Which 'Saw' kill was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

J LaRose & I at Screamfest 2007 (#5 Kill on List)
J LaRose & I at Screamfest 2007 (#5 Kill on List)

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