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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still raking in impressive numbers at the box office, but those of us who saw it back in December are already anticipating the DVD release.

Though a release date has yet to be announced, interest in special features has been renewed after Making Star Wars reported on a potential deleted scene. In the newly released book, Star Wars: Rey's Story, the novelization of Rey's life gives a different glimpse into her vision/flashback.

When Rey encounters Luke's lightsaber in Maz Kanata's abode, the book adds a segment in which she sees Luke and Darth Vader in their pivotal scene in The Empire Strikes Back:

As she peered into the distance, she saw a man in black wielding a red Lightsaber. His face was covered with a mask, molded to approximate a human face. But the mask’s eyes were dead and empty. The man’s red Lightsaber clashed against a brilliant beam of blue. A young man with blond hair raised his own Lightsaber and fought furiously against the monster in black.

It was long rumored that this scene would be included somewhere in The Force Awakens from a new perspective, but it didn't make it to the final cut. Now, it's very clear where it would have happened:

Before she knew it, more images flashed through her mind: a hero stabbed by a fiery blade, a battlefield filled with soldiers, a blue and- white droid beside a lost Jedi.

With this recent addition, fans are hoping we'll get to see this scene somewhere on the DVD and Blu-ray.


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(Source: Making Star Wars)


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