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As we draw closer to April, excitement and anticipation for Season 6 of Game Of Thrones keeps on rising. Even when promoting their other projects, the stars of the show are still having a lot of fun keeping GOT groupies guessing the fates of their fan favorites.

In an interview for her horror movie The Forest, Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, briefly discussed the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones and teased whether or not Jon Snow would be making a miraculous recovery.

Natalie makes the great point that Jon Snow was stabbed, a lot. Despite the magic of the Seven Kingdoms, surviving that many wounds is unlikely, even in this world.

“If you get stabbed that many times, you’re dead. There are some basic medical rules that even apply in Westeros. So Jon Snow is dead right now. Right now."

Still, I know what that "right now" could mean. One of the more popular and widely agreed upon fan theories making its Internet rounds is that Jon Snow is bound to be resurrected.

Instead of denying these claims, HBO appears to be eluding to the same conclusion in its promotional material. The first poster for Season 6 featured Jon Snow's bloodied face and the teaser trailer also showed prominent images of the character, suggesting he still plays a role in the coming season. Instead of forcing fans to ask whether or not Kit Harington's character is dead, we're being made to wonder how he could possibly be alive.

Sadly, we still have to wait a couple of months until we can get any hard answers.

Season 6 of 'Game Of Thrones' will premiere on HBO starting April 24, 2016.


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