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It should come as no surprise that Ryan Murphy & FX have been pushing the envelope for years. When Nip/Tuck premiered on the network in 2003, it was an innovative and controversial take on the glamorous, dramatic lifestyle of two plastic surgeons living in Miami. The show was chock-full of breast augmentations, murder, and sex fetishes. (Anyone remember the time Christian broke his nose while giving oral, because the woman sneezed?)

A year after Nip/Tuck ended its seven year run, FX introduced Murphy's next project: American Horror Story. This brilliant anthology series was darker than anything released on cable television before, offering a disturbing cast of characters and situations that left all of America sleeping with the lights on. I still have nightmares from season two's Asylum when Lana (Sarah Paulson) gets rid of BloodyFace's baby with a coat hanger...

Flash forward to 2016 and everyone is absolutely frenzied over Murphy's American Crime Story, a new anthology series on FX with the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial as its first season story.

Three episodes in and O.J. is all anyone can talk about. From the Bronco chase to the ridiculous Kardashian children to John Travolta's face, the internet has been buzzing over Murphy's new crime series.

At the end of "The Dream Team", Marcia Cross (Paulson) discovers that Johnnie Cochran (Courtney Vance) has joined O.J.'s defense team. In a moment of exasperation, Marcia mutters, " Cochran... motherf---er."

Wait... What?! Did I hear that correctly? Are you allowed to say that 12-letter word on television? Social media went insane!

Apparently, the use of the F-word is not prohibited on FX. The only networks which are highly regulated by the FCC and expected to follow family decency guidelines are the five major Broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The CW). So, is this the first time the F-word has been used?

Technically, Comedy Central has allowed the use of the F-word in its various comedy specials, but only after 1 AM. Anytime the same special was aired at an earlier date and time, CC would censor the word out. It would seem that Ryan Murphy's subtle swear word (which happened right before 11 PM) would be the first of primetime.

Cheers to Murphy for taking creative liberty to bring as much realism as possible to a story.


Do you think 'motherf---er' was okay to be used on last night's episode?


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