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As This Season of THE FLASH winds down to the final few episodes, There are Theories ABOUND as to the identity of this season's big bad, ZOOM. From Jay Garrick's Earth-1 counterpart, Hunter Zolomon ( Who is Zoom in the Comics) to Barry's Father, Henry Allen (THE EYES!!!), All of the Theories both have pretty serious foundation ( or at least as much as a fan theory of a fictional comic book hero on television can have) and pretty huge holes.

I've heard a handful of theories that seem very possible, but I realized one that hasn't been properly posited (or at least to my knowledge; if someone has suggested this person for this reason, PLEASE link me; I would love to see if I have missed anything they might have come up with.)

What If Zoom Is INDEED Jay Garrick, but not the version we have come to know and love; What if ZOOM IS JAY GARRICK FROM THE FUTURE?

Hear me out:

Similar to the way that the Reverse Flash from this season was the one from an Earlier Future, and the one from the last season was the one in the more Distant future ( Confusing, I know) I Think Zoom is Jay Garrick in the Future after his addiction to Velocity 9 gets out of control. He is craving the speed of other speedsters, going back in time and in other timelines to get their speed, Including himself from an earlier time. That's why they explained the Reverse Flash "Origin" THIS season, and not last season, to Parallel what is Happening to Jay.

Just a Thought.

(NOTE: As I was posting this up, I noticed that Screen Rant had a Similar but more in depth theory. DOPE.)


What do you Think? Is ZOOM Jay from the Future, or Someone Else?


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