ByJohn Heart, writer at
...ho is like 9 oryounger and bringing someone who is like lets say 14 and older. Obviously a small kid shouldn't be anywhere near the film. I mean Really a 5 year old? That kid shouldn't see it whatsoever (especially if they only know deadpool from only the cartoons that purposely leave out stuff deadpool would normally do because they are for kids. I mean I watched the episode of Ultimate Spiderman where deadpool appears and tries to say kill without saying kill probably because its a kid show.) But there are fans of deadpool comics from who knows how long that aren't over the age of 18. They know what deadpool is like. And not every kid over the age of 14 cries and screams and im sure they would know if they want to watch deadpool or not. Kids younger than not probably not as much. Also you guys know in the US its Rated R meaning anyone under 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult to watch it. Also the fact that is rated R should indicate that its violent, gory, and has sex scenes.

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