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Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing? It has given us plenty of wonders, from PSY's Gangnam Style to babies laughing at ripping paper, from countless cat videos to this wonderful website known as But today, the Internet received the cherry on top of its enormous sundae of weird stuff.

This week, The Line Animation released a new, 8-bit themed game you can play for free right from your computer. "Leo's Red Carpet Rampage" is a very addictive, fast paced game where you play as Leonardo DiCaprio and try to chase after an Oscar.

The majority of the game is simply Leonardo DiCaprio sprinting down the Red Carpet after a floating Oscar. This is rather fitting as this appears to accurately sum up Leo's entire acting career - always having an Oscar in his sight, but never managing to grab one.

The game makers whipped up the game in around 3 weeks and tried to make an accurate representation of Leo's journey to winning an Oscar. They spent countless hours not just working on DiCaprio himself, but working on the atmosphere of the Academy Awards as a whole.

While running through the Red Carpet, you as the player will find new challenges and items with every round. The Carpet is filled with different awards Leo has won, such as Golden Globes, Emmys and BAFTAs, that you can collect for additional points.

The Carpet is also cluttered with paparazzi who you will have to leap over. The paparazzi are rather easy, as you can leap over them and even earn combos for jumping on multiple photographers like Goombas in Mario Kart. Also, just to add to the fun, you may occasionally find yourself face to face with an iceberg, a humorous nod to Leo's breakout role in Titanic.

Of course, there needs to be more of a challenge here and there. Some rounds require you to race another nominated actor to the Oscar, including Bryan Cranston, Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne, and Matt Damon - all of whom dressed in the costumes from their respective roles.

To add to the chaos, during many of these races, Lady Gaga (yes, Lady Gaga) will storm onto the Red Carpet and try to ram into you. This is a rather humourous representation of Lady Gaga, as she often enjoys stealing the spotlight from the actual stars. Of course, this could also be a nod to when Gaga barged past Leo when she went to accept her Golden Globe.

The game isn't just running on the Red Carpet, though. The game is also filled with different minigames! The picture above is from a minigame where you must help Leo "act harder." Like his roles in his movies, this usually just includes him getting seriously angry.

There are a lot of other minigames too, such as crawling towards his car like in The Wolf of Wallstreet and writing an acceptance speech. Each minigame earns you extra points to your total score at the end of the game.

The most hilarious - and controversial - minigame, though, has to be the minigame where you must spot the "black nominee." This is a very clever joke at the Academy's expense because, as you can see above, there is no black nominee!

This was another way the game makers made a jab at the Oscars to include Oscar jokes in addition to Leo jokes. It's a rather funny joke too - I just hope it doesn't offend too many people (but knowing the Internet, it will).

Wolf of Wallstreet Minigame
Wolf of Wallstreet Minigame

The most humorous part of the game, however, is that you cannot win. Seriously. The game consists of you running through the Red Carpet and playing minigames until you eventually run out of hearts.

This was a joke by the game makers about Leo's journey to winning an Oscar. No matter how hard you work, or how many times you try, you, like Leonardo DiCaprio in real life, will never reach the Oscar. Ever.

The people at The Line really outdid themselves this time with this humorous, fast-paced, and very addictive video game. It's easy to play too! The only keys you ever use in the game are "G," "H," and the SPACE bar.

It's free to play, and I highly recommend you play it the next time you are at a computer - even if it's now! It's free, it's fun, it's hilarious, and it is worth your time! Check it out in the link below!

Click here to play Leo's Red Carpet Rampage!

What do you think of this game? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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