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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter Number 9 got leaked. We now have Korean scans of chapter 9!

Chapter 9 updates and Chapter 10 spoilers:

Well, In chapter 8 the tournament started with Goku vs Botamo match up. That continued in this chapter and we also got the match result. No, surprise! Yes, Goku won.

What happened is Goku faced some difficulties trying to inflict damage on Botamo. He was landing punches which did not have any effect on Botamos body. Surprisingly, even The Kamehameha could do no harm. Vegeta, Piccolo and others were a bit worried and confused. They were thinking that Goku might need to go super saiyan god super saiyan to take him out but that would be too expensive for the first match. And the attacks might end up having no effects. Champa was enjoying this. He thought it was very funny.

However, Goku after fighting for a while figured out a very simple way to defeat Botamo; he just pulled his leg and threw him right out of the arena. Now, that was a surprising move. I mean the kamehameha didn’t work and then Goku comes with this simple pull and slam and it all ends for Botamo.

Here, I would like to mention that Hit is keeping up with his cool and important character type attitude. Goku glares at him for a while. There’s something about hit that is bothering Goku and others. Hit is just there sitting in a calm manner and the posture was quite like Vegeta and Piccolo. So, something is going to happen between Goku and Hit sometimes soon. And they are continuously hinting towards it.

Now, just so you know there are no brakes in between the matches. And I was kind of expecting that Goku would be replaced after the first match and fight later. But, he stays and faces Frost! Now, Chapter 10 spoiler alert! From the title of Dragon Ball Super episode 34 of the anime series we already know Piccolo will face Frost.

Which means Goku is going to lose with Frost. Now, this is surprising to me. Because, Goku is the main character and I kind of expected that, Goku will survive till the end. And if Goku couldn’t defeat Frost I don’t see how Piccolo will. Unless Frost is left too devastated after facing Goku and Piccolo comes up with a new form or technique. This could also lead to Frost defeating Goku and Piccolo and then getting defeated by Vegeta because he would be too tired. Or maybe Monaka is the guy to take him out. Now, since is Goku is being defeated so early the ‘Tournament will be disrupted’ theory looks more valid now. They might be planning to not complete the tournament so they ensured Goku gets some action as early as possible.

However, the match is going pretty intense. It’s depicted how fast they are. We know that both of them are many many times faster than light. So, they tried show how normal eyes can’t actually see them fighting.

Talking about Frost’s character he is just opposite to that of Frieza. Very gentle and modest! Krillen and Bulma were seen praising him.

And point to note Frost goes through 2 transformations in this chapter. His first transformation looked very similar to that of Frieza’s third form and within a short time he takes his 2nd transformation which looks like Frieza’s final form. This is where the chapter ends. And I am pretty sure Frost has another transformation or ultimate evolution up his sleeves. Obviously Goku transformed into super saiyan form earlier. However, most probably he will end up losing the match on next chapter. And maybe they will start even Piccolo vs Frost in the next chapter. (If the leaked episode 34 title turns out to be true). Anyways things are getting really exciting. I can’t wait anymore for the next chapter to come out. Let’s just hope for the best. Be sure to check the links on description bellow.

FROST 2nd Transformation Dragon Ball Super
FROST 2nd Transformation Dragon Ball Super

What do you think about this chapter and the upcoming chapter 10?

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