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Sam McCormick

This year seems to be the year to which we see anthropomorphic animals take the screen, with Disney's Zootopia being released next month and now from the studio that brought you the little minions from Despicable Me, Illumination's Sing features animals singing to pop songs. Check out the awesome trailer below.

The film stars a list of A-listers and talent, Including Matthew McConaughey who voices the koala named Buster Moon who has a theater he is desperately trying to keep from closing. Reese Witherspoon as the overworked mother of a massive litter of piglets, Taron Egerton as a gangster gorilla, and Scarlett Johansson as a punk porcupine.

While the world is populated by animals, they seem to listen to all the same music that we do in the real world, as the trailer is full of numerous songs that audiences will be familiar with. From Lady Gaga to Sir Mix A Lot to Seal, whose song is, ironically, performed by a sheep, the movie looks to be resting much of its success on fans interest in seeing their favorite tunes performed by animals. If nothing else Sing is setting itself up to have one hell of a soundtrack album. And I'm sure that no one is going to come out of the cinemas without a song stuck in their head!

Sing is in Illuminations lineup this year which includes another film featuring animals, The Secret Life of Pets, both look equally as good! Let us know if you will be keeping an eye out for future trailers for Sing.


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