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So let's talk about this for a second. Hardcore Henry looks pretty freaking awesome and it is almost the only one of its kind. There are plenty POV films out there, but are mostly all about horror and found footage films. Hardcore Henry is the first real POV film to add all of the genres into one.

These are the some of the most popular POV films as of now:

1. Cloverfield

2. Paranormal Activity Series

3. V/H/S Series

4. Chronicle

What do these films have in common? They are either found footage or horror films. Chronicle was pretty unique its own way though, I will give it that. Chronicle changed ways audiences viewed films in the superhero genre which was quite entertaining for most.

The closest movie we will get to Hardcore Henry will be the horror action film Doom.

Sadly the only great thing about this film was the first person sequence they showed that matched the game play almost exactly. This is the exact camera angle we will see in Hardcore Henry though. Audiences will finally see a whole film through the eyes of the protagonist. This film makes fans wonder why studios haven't done this earlier. We live in a first person reality at all times, audiences want to be that character, now we have a chance to be in the main shoes. This film will be packed with action, story development, and even some drama for the young at heart.

The action looks incredible by the way. These first person sequences look so hard to film, which makes the movie even look more engaging.

Oh and for the ones that like all that sexy action here you go,

They will be filming this whole film with a camera called a camera rig and it looks like this.

That's our Henry!

Hardcore Henry will be about a man that wakes up as half human/half robot that goes on a murdering spree to save his wife from a man that is bent on destroying the world. Hardcore Henry will be released on September 12th of this year.

Kinda makes me wish there was a Deadpool POV movie.

Do you think this will make you perceive movies differently?

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