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Luffy speed is one of his main powers. The speed of luffy is a debate I have often seen and this always comes to no conclusion. I am writing to show you how fast I think he is.

The fastest character in one piece is undoubtedly kizaru. However different characters are shown to have almost about the same combat speed, such as the dark king Silver Rayleigh and Master Z. I would like to assure that film z was canon. These two characters are able to use observation haki which allows the user to see into the future.

However you must still have a pretty good level of speed to fight on par with kizaru. I believe you have to be at least relativistic which is why I think rayleigh and Z are. Kizaru also makes a comment to Z, saying "You won't be able to match my speed with that heavy weapon," referring to the seastone armour arm on Z's left arm. This suggests that Z could almost match kizaru's speed in the past. We know Kizaru had his fruit in the past because during the fight Z said that he had already told Kizaru not to rely on his DF to much. Luffy has not only shown that he can fight of speeds of z but also shown to beat Z.

Going unto the second fastest guy in the OP-verse batholomew kuma has stated and shown that he can move at light speed. He stated he can push anything at light speed including himself. Him pushing things at light speed doesn't mean he moves at light because you still have to take into account his weight. He doesn't teleport he moves fast. The difference between his speed and kizaru is that he must turn into photons first. The paw prints he pushes out do not move at light speed because the air weighs a certain amount which slows down the speed. This is why zoro was able to dodge them. However they still had to be moving fairly fast. Luffy was shown to use his conquers haki in dyer situations. Zoro was trying to protect his captain so maybe his kenbusho haki leeked out a bit Kuma also as well as the other pacifista shoots out laser beams these are supposed to be replicas of kizaru's beams. In the manga these beams were shown to explode behind luffy instantaneously. However the anime shows them actually go past them.

However I don't believe they do move at light speed and I don't believe the good doctor perfected the creation of these beams. I believe they go at about relativistic speed this is why luffy comments they are too slow.

I believe a solid observation haki user can react to at least sub relativistic speeds. But I believe luffy has surpassed this. The best of kenbusho haki users will probably be able to react faster than light.

The reason why kuma was losing to ivankof was because he still had some sentimentality from his days in the revoloutionary army. This is something doctor vega punk needs to fix.

This is where I believe luffy's speed is:

  • Supersonic - can easily dodge bullets (OP bullets go at the speed of sound)
  • Hypersonic - Much faster than Yama (Fat guy who thought Robin in the sky islands).
  • Massively hyper sonic- luffy is faster than kalifa who dodged lightning.
  • Sub-relativistic- luffy blitzed doffy
  • High Sub-relativistic- luffy blitzed a slightly more powerful doffy whilst in gear 4

Doffy has observation haki which is why I have put luffy at sub relativistic. So in a prior paragraph I said that luffy beat Z. Nevertheless Z at this point was old and didn't truly fight on par with kisaru and had to rely on Dyna rock to get away so at that point he was relativistic.

Luffy's combat and movement speed is sub relativistic

His Reaction speed is relativistic

His Striking speed is low subrelastivistic

There is one more speed I'd like to talk about. This is concerning a whole crew. Shanks and the red haired pirates ate shown to have disappearing and appearing acts. During the war of the best Shanks was said to be holding off Kido. However he and his crew instantly appear. At this dyer situation. If they were actually heading towards the War from the beginning or even mid way we would have seen kido near the end of the war as well. There is speculation that either Shanks or lucky Roo can stop time. Shanks was also shown to stop time in a onepiece game or at least mess it up or slow it. The could be a devil fruit or a really advanced haki.

However you can never tell in the Onepiece world. Luffy a guy that vanishes in front of my eyes on a numerous occasion is seen to run at the same speed as nami. Brook can run on water yet luffy can't. Zoro a guy who easily passes hypersonic speeds has to rely on some guy to throw him so he can cut the mountain that is pica. Its either I am right or kizaru is just making everyone seem slow and he is actually like 8 times FTL. He seems like that kind of guy.

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