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Insanity burst from the small screen this past Sunday as season 6 of The Walking Dead finally resumed. It was, in effect, an awe inspiring, hour long action scene, loaded with gnarly walkers, wounded heroes, exploding bikers and deceased Alexandrians.

But one particular scene really got us wondering where the season would eventually lead fanatics. Let's just say, it isn't going to be a pretty place.

Carl Goes Ape

Carl loses an eye and his sanity.
Carl loses an eye and his sanity.

Now minus one eyeball, this once sensible and courageous young man is about to lose any faith he had in humanity. Will Carl transform into a heartless killing machine? Doesn't seem likely, but you can bet his aggression is going to take to new life, and he'll be much quicker to pull the trigger when faced with danger, regardless of that danger is presented by a living man or a walker. I

Abraham Will Be the First Negan-related Casualty

Your days are winding down Abraham.
Your days are winding down Abraham.

Technically speaking, we've already seen a whole entourage of Negan's people blown to burnt bone fragments and melted tissue, but the first death suffered from our protagonists will no doubt be Abraham.

Abe's a strong-willed, tough-as-nails vet and he's completely capable of giving any adversary a bloody run for their money. And that's why Negan is going to take him out first (figures, now that we've had ample time to really get to love the character).

Sometimes you've just got to send a warning to the rival, and Negan knows this.

Maggie Miscarries

Please AMC, say it ain't so!
Please AMC, say it ain't so!

Won't this be a heart-breaker?

We all love Maggie, her stunning looks, slick accent and determination to be a self-sufficient and proactive member of Rick's clan. And we all want to see her baby born (even if it is an awfully ugly world) without any hiccup. But I've got a bad feeling about Maggie's future.

Showrunners are already running into problems keeping Judith in the picture. We've seen a few episodes in which it seems she's never even mentioned.

Who the hell is feeding this kid? Who's changing the diapers? Why aren't we hearing of more scavenger hunts for baby formula, diapers and wipes?

These are all questions that will certainly be faced again if we welcome another child into the story. It seems obvious that there's only room for one baby in this clan, and that means the chances of Maggie keeping that child are slim.

I don't expect to see a tiny one shredded in a gun fight or chopped to pieces by a machete, but I can easily see a stillborn situation in Maggie's future.

Negan Will Premiere in Episode 6.15, Not the Finale

It's important to send a clear message.
It's important to send a clear message.

We've seen a lot of speculation about Negan, his motives and when he'll make his presence known in the world of The Walking Dead. It is widely believed that Negan will not show his face until the season six finale.

Can't help but disagree with that one.

Expect Negan to show up in the 15th episode of season six. He'll make his presence known by first ordering the death of Abraham, just so we get a sample of brutal the man can be.

But Negan will crank the intensity up considerably in episode 6.16, this season's official finale...

Glenn is a Goner

It won't be the walkers that get you, old buddy!
It won't be the walkers that get you, old buddy!

If you read the popular Image Comic of the same name, you know Glenn doesn't have much longer to live, now that Negan's lurking about. In the book our amazing errand boy with a pair of cods has his brains removed from his cranium.

This is one story point that I don't see AMC changing. I mentioned earlier that Maggie's days were going to take a very dark turn, and this will be one of those crucial moments that pushes her over the edge.

As it is, Glenn has narrowly escaped death more than once in recent episodes. Even if Glenn is adept at landing on his feet, cats only get nine lives, and Negan will be looking to bash 10 of his skull.

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