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While we all love Disney, there's no doubt that some movies have fallen by the wayside. The same is true of some of the best movie's characters. From Treasure Planet to The Three Caballeros there are some amazing movie characters who have been all but forgotten by audiences.

So I've compiled a list of 10 characters I believe don't get the recognition they deserve. This list only includes characters from 'Disney Animated Classics,' so Disney Pixar movies don't count! Let's see if you agree with my choices!

1. Mr. Smee - 'Peter Pan'

The rather camp and clueless Mr. Smee was always my favorite character in Peter Pan. Not only did he blindly follow the villainous Captain Hook's orders, but he also manages to screw up said orders in extraordinary fashion. Yet Smee never gets the recognition he deserves in, or out of his film. God loves a trier people!

2. Ichabod Crane - 'The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad'

One of the earliest Disney characters on this list, Ichabod Crane is one of the titular characters in his movie. While there are many underrated characters in this film, Ichabod Crane (adapted from the original novel Sleepy Hollow) is an early, male version of Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Both quiet and bookish people thought of as strange by their respective towns. However Ichabod's humor and physical comedy make him a stand-out character for me.

3. Gurgi - 'The Black Cauldron'

In my honest opinion The Black Cauldron is the most underrated Disney film ever. Perhaps due to the movie's scarier premise and haunting antagonist 'The Horned King' it wasn't popular with audiences at its time, but has developed a cult following in recent years. Undoubtedly Gurgi is the most memorable character in the film, between his want to make friends and his need for "munching and crunchings", Gurgi was the comic relief the movies needed, to lift its serious tone.

4. Madam Mim - 'The Sword in the Stone'

Mad Madam Mim, while eccentric, was definitely the perfect adversary for Merlin (who was perhaps just as crazy himself). The battle between the two sorcerers was definitely one of the best moments in the movie, yet has somehow been overlooked by many Disney fans, along with Mim, who is undoubtedly one of my favorite villains.

5. Tito - 'Oliver and Company'

The smallest canine on Dodger's crew, but also the most tech savvy, Tito was everybody's favorite hyper-active ladies man. When he wasn't attempting (and eventually succeeding) to 'woo' Georgette, Tito was the quick-stepping, hot-wiring member of the gang. Definitely a forgotten character in the Disney universe, Cheech Marin's Tito will always been one of my favorite Disney canines.

6. Orville - 'The Rescuers'

Based (loosely) on the Wright brothers, Orville (and in the sequel The Rescuers Down Under his brother Wilbur) is the hilarious albatross responsible for taking our protagonists Bernard and Bianca to save the day. While not a main character, Orville is the clumsy sidekick to Bernard's serious demeanor.

7. Trigger & Nutsy - 'Robin Hood'

The clumsy henchmen that every villain needs, Nutsy and Trigger cause more trouble then they're worth, but that's what I love about them. Their lack of competency, and ability to be tricked by lacklustre disguises are what makes these characters some of my favorite. While they seem to have been lost in the crowd of mainstream Disney characters, I think that every Robin Hood would agree they are an unforgettable part of the film.

8. Pablo the Penguin - 'The Three Caballeros'

One of Disney's forgotten greats is The Three Caballeros, and one of the more memorable segment of that movie is that of Pablo the Penguin, the story of the penguin who hates the cold and attempts to escape Antarctica. This determined little guy and his best friend Smokey Joe (his stove) travel by sea to a tropical island.

9. Philotetes - 'Hercules'

Hercules's mentor Phil is our short-tempered satyr, who has the task of training Herc to be a hero, fit to return to Mt. Olympus. Not only does he perform one of my favorite songs in the movie, but Danny DeVito's portrayal of Philotetes is the wise-cracking, straight-talking figure that Hercules needs to reach his full potential, and to eventually save the day.

10. Morph - 'Treasure Planet'

If you've never watched Treasure Planet then you have missed out on one of the cutest Disney character in existence. Morph is the shapeshifting pet of pirate John Silver and is always providing the comic relief needed in this movie. Whether he's adorably 'morphing' into everyday objects or following Jim Hawkins on his space adventures, Morph is definitely an underrated character, in an underrated movie.

Let me know who you think are some of our most underrated Disney characters below.

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