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I have been watching all of the episodes of the new series Shadowhunters. I have found that they have gone so far from the story line that any die hard fan would die of shock and try to punch their TV. It is out of order, they put in things that don't belong and it has really bad acting. I mean........a actor who was on Disney? Seriously?

I have nothing against the beloved Disney Channel, it is just that I don't think that the actor playing Clary Fray on the Shadowhunters (Katherine McNamara) is really fit for the role. Nor is Dominic Sherwood fit to play Jace. Jace is exposed to have this vulnerable, snarky personality about him. Dominic just is to serious for Jace it seems. As for the actor for Isabella........ I personally don't think that she is a bad actor, just that I don't like how they portrayed her character. In the book, she is NOT that seductive, and she doesn't wear that revealing of clothes (as shown below).

Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood
Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood

Now the only thing wrong with Simon is his glasses. If they would change them to black, then he would look younger and not like a thirty year old creeper........Then there is the case of Luke. I am NOT being racist, but he is not exposed to be all. Plus he was never the chief of police, the werewolves just used it as a hideout. And he was already pack leader and owned a bookstore when the book started!!! And Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) is okay I guess. As for Magnus and Alec.....they are perfect. But Hodge is too young and so is Dorthea (who was never called Dot, or even close with Jocelyn, much less have an antique business with her. Jocelyn was an artist for pete's sake!!) Plus they got the punishment wrong. Marsye's name is pronounced wrong, and the actor is not.....just no. Robert doesn't talk that much, and I bet they got Chamille wrong too. Max is good though. Now, another thing is that they CUT characters, and they moved the story to fast and made it impossible for any REAL Mortal Instruments fan to watch. The cut characters were Simon's bandmates (so far) such as Eric. Marlene was just a thirteen year old cousin of Eric's who liked Simon. SHE WAS NOT IN THE BAND!!!

That said, the storyline is all garbled and out of order.............You know what? I can't write how many mistakes they have made in this show. There are just to many and they are BARELY started with the season. My advice? CANCEL IT CANCEL IT CANCEL IT!! If they don't even bother to get just those things right, why even try to have it on TV. Cassandra Clare, this part is for you....... You should have been more involved with everything....don't let them ruin your a die hard fan I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!

- Alyssa Foster


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