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Netflix is the biggest at-home streaming site in the world, with 29.4 million subscribers. We can't seem to get enough; whether it's your favorite TV show or newest movie, Netflix always tries to come out with the next best thing as quickly as possible. But sometimes we just can't find the right movie or our data is about to run out at our boring job. There is a solution to every problem; listed below are a few tips and tricks that will help you fall in love with Netflix all over again.

6. Having A Tough Time Picking What To Watch?

Get your popcorn ready, I found the solution! While I'm sure everyone has been there at some point, you can now have the choice made for you. All you have to do is get on your fancy Web browser and go to Cool, right? Not only that, but you can input specific keywords if you want a comedy, horror, romance, even down to how many stars it was rated.

5. Wondering What Is Coming To Netflix Next?

A lot of times, I find myself thinking about what's up next. Nothing sucks more than buying a movie, only to find it on Netflix the following week (this has happened to me multiple times). Amazingly enough, there are a few sites out there that will tell you what's coming to Netflix, not least of all the company's Facebook page in your country. Some other websites to look out for are the imaginatively titled or

4. Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend Still Have Your Netflix Information? No Worries!

In the honeymoon stage of a relationship, we tend to want to share everything with our partner. Unless you have trust issues, then all is doomed. I have given my Netflix information to multiple partners and never knew how to make sure they couldn't use it again when things soured. Start by checking your account. Go to My Account > Viewing activity > See recent account access. Then you can see if any of the location points are unfamiliar. Once you have confirmed they are using your account, just go to Your Account and click Sign out of all devices. It's that simple. It might take a few days to make sure all devices are signed out, but it's worth it.

3. Missing The Times You Could Watch A Movie With Your Friend Or Lover, But They Live Far Away? No problem!

There's this awesome website called that makes it possible for you and your far-away friend to watch Netflix, YouTube and other streaming sites. The best part is, you don't even need an account to get started on this nifty gadget.

2. Find The Best Movie/TV Shows

Reddit is great for everything, even helping you to find the most amazing movies on Netflix. You can seek out these titles at Et voilà! You're now just one click away from the best of Netflix! Thank you, Reddit, for all your services.

1. Movies The Only Thing That Get You By At Work? Use Less Data With This Method

That's right. You can indeed use less space on your phone or tablet, simply with the Netflix app alone. Instead of using high definition, you can customize your account with standard definition. All you have to do is go to My Account > Playback Settings > Manage Video Quality and set it to the lowest definition. Typically, 480p works well.

I hope these tricks help you as much as they've helped me. I'd like to continue to watch videos at work without going over my 10-gig data plan while using Netflix as my go-to movie shop. Let me know if I missed anything in the tips or if you already knew them in the comments below.


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